Narconon Arrowhead Patient Shares Win on Being on Rehab Program

personI am happy to be here in this present time. My life is so much better now and I am glad that I am not living in the past anymore.

My win son far today is my experience here. So far everything has gone according to plan. Everyone has been respectful and professional in dealing with me.  It is nice to see everyone working together so diligently prospering as on unit of sobriety. I never thought that I would get the help I needed, until I made a phone call and walked through these doors. I now see life for what it is and for what it can be, Everyone can change if they want it. It is only a matter of how much you want to change. I knew that I wanted to change more than anything – more than he drugs.

Today I had my first win early in the day. I had my first civil conversation with my wife in 3 years. If today’s interaction is indicative of what is to come, I will continue to trust in the Narconon Program and continue to proceed with healthy caution in my relationship. Today I held hope that a common ground may exist. I must stay vigilant in my program. It seems that failure will only be realized if I decide to get in my own way.

D.T. – Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient

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