Narconon Arrowhead Patients Open Up About Personal Integrity Course

happyThe following are reviews from Narconon Arrowhead patients on the Personal Values & Integrity Course. During this course patients learn about the different parts of life called the Dynamics. In these are family, self, mankind, the environment, a higher power and many others. Patients are also able to relieve themselves of past transgressions by writing them up.

Here are the reviews:

I can’t say enough about book 6.  For starters, to learn the 8 dynamics and how they work is like having a manual on how to be successful and happy during life.  To know how each is inter-connected shows how I screwed everything up and by reversing my thought process I can almost play it backwards and have things in the right order.  By writing my overts/withholds, which was a painful and harsh reality I had to face, but it was worth it because after lightening my mental and emotional load from my past overts/withholds, I am going to move forward with integrity and honor.  I will be the valuable and loving person I know I can be and the man my family deserves.  All the damage I have done to me and my growth and maturity level was retarded.  It’s good to come forth and be able to be honest and trustworthy to myself and the ones I love.  Thanks for showing me how to progress happily, whole heatedly and honestly.  KS

I feel really good, actually, being able to write out how I have hurt and affected myself because of my drug use.  It feels good.  I was using drugs, putting them in my body and was slowly destroying it mentally and physically.  CA

Writing my overts/withholds for dynamic 1 was very relieving.  It felt good to get that stuff out of me.  Dynamics two and three should be interesting because they’re the ones that I damaged the most in my life.  I’m really glad I did this!  JK

I am finished writing up my overts/withholds.  I am satisfied that they’re complete.  I feel good.  I feel great relief.  Through writing them up, I realized something.  I realized that I want to be a good person.  I want every dynamic of mine to survive the best it can.  I also realized that every act I’ve committed is in the past.  I don’t need to dwell on the past because I have the rest of my life to do the right thing from here on out.  JR

My win today is the knowledge that I have obtained from book 6.  That book helped me take responsibility from all of my past overts and withholds, that by my omission or commission have had my head completely full of troubled guilt.  Now that my mind is open and free, I can get back to living a happy and productive life.  TB

Today I finished my overts/withholds.  When I started writing each dynamic’s overts/withholds, I felt terrible.  I felt like a scumbag.  Every time I finished a dynamic I felt great, then I would feel terrible again.  After I finished I realized everything I’ve done wrong and I got it off my chest, so I feel great!  AC

I wrote my overts/withholds on my first dynamic.  This was a painful, yet eye-opening experience.  I have brought a lot of pain and suffering upon myself through bad decisions I have made.  I have not forgotten about the many times I used drugs or did things contrary to the survival of myself.  Writing these overts/withholds out on paper and trying to relive every grim detail of each individual instance has brought me extreme relief.  I realized I had been justifying my incidents of destructive behavior in very subtle ways.  I finally was able to get honest with myself and see things as they really happened.  I feel much better having done this and realize I don’t have to torment or destroy myself ever again.  TM

I wrote my overts/withholds on my second dynamic.  I confronted some things I had done that I never wanted to tell anyone about.  I realized that when using drugs, nothing else matters to a person.  The drugs became my first priority above everything else, including my family.  I put the ones I love most in my life at risk because of my drug use.  I wanted to forget about these things as if they never happened as I could not take responsibility for what I had done.  I now realize that I never have to repeat these same mistakes.  I am now a great father, brother, son and husband to my family. TM

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