Narconon Arrowhead Review From A Daughter

review from daughterThis is the story of one daughter, told in her own words of how Narconon Arrowhead saved her mom’s life.  It is a look into the life of a child who had a drug addicted parent, as well as a look into the harsh reality of what addiction does to the lives of both the addict and their loved ones.  It is, at the same time, a story of redemption through true rehabilitation and the restoration of a life worth living.  Even in the darkest moments of life the light of hope still burns, if only briefly and short-lived.  For an addict, as time wears on and the damage from drug abuse done to self and others accumulates, and the lifestyle of the addict continues to degrade and demean the person, it usually takes the strength and determination of a loved one to do for the addict what he or she cannot do for themselves—get help. 

A Young Woman’s Story

Before my mom came to the Narconon Arrowhead program she was rarely ever home, let alone happy. It seemed like she was trying to ask for help but the addiction of crack cocaine had a hold on her. By the time I was seven I could tell my mom was doing something wrong and needed help. So I started to throw away any thing that I even thought was drugs like weed, and anything else that I thought didn’t need to be in our home. We had moved from house to house for about three years until we moved in with our grandmother Dorothy, she took care of my mother and us. She tried her best to keep my mom off of the streets. Every time that my mom would even try to go out to get high again, she was always there trying to stop her, and every time that my mom had managed to actually get out of the house to get to her dealer my Grandma would always find her even if she didn’t know which part of town she was in, it was like something had told her where to go. 

Finally she got fed- up with hunting mama down every night and started looking for drug rehabilitation programs. Then she found Narconon of Oklahoma and sent my mom out there for about a month or two. Then as soon as she finished the sauna they let her go home to visit with us. I was overjoyed to see her again she looked so much better than before. She went back, this time for good. She completed the program and started to train to work in P.S.S [Program Support Services]. Narconon saved my mom’s life. I’m so incredibly grateful for what they have done for my family and me. This is by far the greatest place on earth. It saved my family and my mom. Not to mention helped my mom find the best guy for her, my dad, John. Thank you Narconon, for giving me my mom back, and a wonderful dad!!!! I am now 16 and am living a wonderful life with a great mom and a great dad. She is truly happy and living a wonderful life thanks to Narconon. Thank you so much!! -B.A.

There is Help

Narconon of Oklahoma, also called the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehabilitation center which is the subject of this story, has a long history of successfully delivering a non-traditional holistic and drug-free rehabilitation treatment program which results in individuals achieving their goal of sobriety, and going on to live a drug-free and productive life.   If you or someone you love needs help breaking free from the chains of addiction, please contact Narconon Arrowhead at 1-800-468-6933.

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