Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 10

successHere is another week in review of testimonials from our clients at Narconon Arrowhead:

Book 1

I Pushed Through Drug Using Feelings

Having just attested to completing book 1, I’d like to express one win in particular, which is identifying the feeling that came with my drug use, the feelings that pushed me to use drugs, that “screw it” feeling.  Doing the TRs re-stimulated that feeling to a great degree.  I’m proud and happy to say I was able to push through those feelings, keep my TRs in and get to where I am now!  Thank you!  JM

I Feel A Difference

I can definitely feel a difference physically since I arrived here at Narconon.  A short week of just taking vitamins seemed to improve my health drastically.  Now I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time and I can think a lot more clearly.  CA

Objective Exercises

I Can Continue Successfully

The more progress I make in objectives, the more tools I realize I have to continue my life successfully.  SM

Objectives Helped Me Feel in Control

Objectives is the coolest thing ever.  I’ve never felt so completely in control of my actions and more appreciative of my present time environment and my relation to it.  I realize I can truly have anything I want in life and I am grateful for this knowledge.  RM

Objectives Have Been Beneficial

Objectives has been the most beneficial part of the program so far for me.  Sauna gave me a foundation so that I could start thinking clearly again, but it was objectives that has given me the control, confrontation skills and awareness that will help me lead a drug-free life.  I can’t wait to get started on the later books.  BS

I Am in Control

After completing objectives I am in control of being in present time.  I have added to my ability to separate myself from my anxiety and believe that I can control my attitudes and actions like never before.  TG

I’m Amazed

I feel change in myself every day while at Narconon.  I came in cowed and will leave a matador.  I am amazed with this program.  DM

The Ups & Downs in Life Course

I Realized How my Addiction Started

It feels great to go back and look at when my addiction got started. I know now how it got started and with what I’ve learned here I know how to handle it or disconnect from it.  TT

The Personal Values & Integrity Course

I Feel Lighter

I have completed writing up my overts/withholds on all my dynamics!  This was the hardest thing I’venarconon arrowhead graduate had to do here, so far.  At the beginning I was crying and felt guilty.  Writing down all the ways I was destructive to myself and my family helped me take responsibility for these things.  I used to have the mentality that once you committed a harmful act, you had to live with it for the rest of your life.  Because of this belief, I always carried a lot of baggage.  I’ve learned though, that it’s okay to let go of these things because you can’t change the past, but you can take responsibility for it and move on.  Now, knowing this I feel lighter and more relief than I’ve ever felt.  CH

This Course is Rewarding Uplifting and Enlightening

It is so rewarding, uplifting and enlightening to have successfully and completely explored book 6 and myself.  I am living life again with emotion and feeling!  SS

The Changing Conditions in Life Course

I Can Improve Everything

I really see, more than ever before, why this world and all of its parts stay out of chaos and in tune by the exchange of dynamics.  This is very interesting to me and I see how we all could improve everything with this action.  RL

I Learned Fair Exchange

Working the exchange on my dynamics has shown me that in order to have a healthy relationship with my dynamics and all of the dynamics, I have to operate with at least a fair exchange between them.  CB

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