Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 12

happyThe following are a series of review from the Narconon Arrowhead program in our twelfth installment of our ‘Week in Review.’

Withdrawal Program

Upon entering withdrawal I was very distraught, upset and requested medical detox.  After working for two days with withdrawal specialists, I feel so much better and do not feel medical detox is necessary or desired.  My attitude is positive and upbeat!  MO

Training Routines Course

There was a certain point today during the TR-0 when I suddenly spotted a time in my life where something happened that upset me very much.  I realized that at that point I kind of lost my sense of self-esteem, security and direction.  I realized I have never been able to put this in the past, where it should be.  After 13 years it has still been affecting me.  It was good to spot this and hopefully I can now put it in the past and move forward.  TG

Narconon Sauna Review

This sauna program has greatly increased my physical well being.  I feel 10 years younger and my family says I look it, also.  I can think faster, more clearly and my problem-solving skills are a lot better.  Things seem so black and white now.  Alcohol being the only drug I have taken in three and a half years, I feel completely free and can’t wait to prove it.  I feel like I am getting one last chance at life.  I’m determined to make the best of it.  I feel like I am 100% free of toxins.

Review of the Learning How to Learn Course

When I began the improvement to learning course I thought I knew how to learn, already.  I discovered I was a glib student and that in reality all I knew how to do was memorize rather than apply the knowledge.  I have now completed the learning improvement course and intend to take what I have studied with me and apply it, not only in future books, but all in my future and life itself.  BG

Narconon Objective Reviews

Objectives to me was awesome.  I had a lot of wins that are very important.  In life’s journey, through thick and thin, I know by doing objectives, how to protect myself from going down the wrong road and staying on the right road to be a successful person.  RR

Wow!  Objectives surprised me.  I wasn’t sure how it would benefit me.  To my amazement after completing book 4b, I’ve remembered the person I was before I began using drugs.  I’m happy to say I’ve gotten back my self-awareness, my confidence to follow through and achieve what I want and to control my world.  No longer will I be the effect of my surroundings, but the master of my own destiny.  BC

Personal Values & Integrity Course

After writing my overts/withholds, I feel much relief.  I have a sense of responsibility for my life and how I operate it.  There were many things that were imprisoning me that I didn’t even realize.  I feel great!  TG

Changing Conditions in Life Course

I have gained so much knowledge from book 7!  I can utilize this information from here on out to help me maintain a higher level of happiness on all of my dynamics.  I see how maintaining exchange in life promotes optimum survival as well.  I feel great!  KS

Way to Happiness Course

I have completed book 8!  I feel so outstanding.  I now have the tools necessary to live a clean, happy life!!  Thanks to these books in the Narconon Program and the staff’s help to get through them, I feel great!  I’m excited about life again!  KS

Narconon Program Reviews

Upon completing the Narconon program, I am happy and confident Narconon has supplied me with all the knowledge I will need to live a happy, sober and productive life.  I am confident I have the ability to apply it all.  CB

When I came here to Narconon, I was in serious trouble. I was in trouble with my health, the law, my family, and my friends. Here, at Narconon, I regained the tools needed to go out and begin repairing my life. I am ready to build a better life for myself now. I am so thankful to have had the chance to come here to Narconon Arrowhead. I believe this place has given me another chance at life. BB

The things I’ve learned here at Narconon Arrowhead are above and beyond anything I expected. I gained more knowledge about myself and about how to handle other people. The confidence I have to live a sober life is insurmountable. I came here a confused and broken person and am leaving here a complete and brand new person. SG

I feel so accomplished right now. I started a cycle of action and completed it. I was ready to leave a few times in the beginning, but I’m so glad I didn’t. I now have my confidence and self worth back which I wouldn’t trade for the world. I now know I can achieve whatever I set my mind to and that is what I intend to do. JR

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