Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 13

guyHere is another week in review with patient testimonies from Narconon Arrowhead:

Drug Free Withdrawal Review

Today is the best day yet.  I slept deeply last night.  I had no more shakes.  I received an assist and the muscle in my right shoulder relaxed for the first time since I’ve been here.  It has been a week today since I got here and my body has come so far.  Now I realize how sick I really was when I got here.  Hallelujah!  I’m here.  I’m so thankful!  KL

Narconon Training Routines

My success story is that I can get my statements across clearly and can acknowledge others’ statements without lags and give an accurate response.  This helps in day-to-day living.  RS

Book 1 was so interesting and fun.  I really enjoyed working with my twin and the supervisors.  I have never felt so good after any course like book 1.  I was mentally exhausted and it felt great!  BH

Reviews of the Narconon Arrowhead Sauna Program

I feel like I am becoming a more positive thinking person everyday.  I am learning to let go of all the negativity I’ve held onto for so long.  The sauna is getting easier to do and I am less uncomfortable every day I do it.  I feel really good about my attitude right now!  CM

I’ve had so many good wins going through the sauna program.  I was sort of scared at first, but I went in with an open mind and worked very hard.  It’s truly amazing how much better I feel, physically, mentally and spiritually.  My body feels much stronger and much more energetic.  My arms and legs had terrible sores and scars on them and now they are completely healed and have faded tremendously.  My skin, hair and nails are thicker and healthier.  My mind seems much clearer too.  I’m able to read again and retain what I’m reading.  I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, knowing and feeling all the cocaine and drug toxins leaving my body each day as I sweated throughout the sauna program.  What a great feeling and a great win!  I am so looking forward to the rest of the program and to living a drug free life and feeling the way God intended me to feel and live!  SH

I never thought I would say this, but I like sauna and I feel great.  CM

Narconon Objectives

Objectives is wonderful.  I am getting so much out of it, so much more than I ever thought or imagined possible.  I am very proud of myself and how strong and capable and powerful I actually am now that I am clean and sober.  So many things are possible and can happen!  LK

Objectives is definitely the best course so far!  I feel more in present time than I ever have and I’m ready to get started on book 5.  JK

Narconon Personal Values Course Reviews

I feel a big relief off my shoulders after writing down all of my overts/withholds.  It feels like I have let go of many things that I have had bottled up inside.  It makes me feel a new sense of honesty.  I want to share a lot of these things with the people I have done things to.   I want my Mom to know that I’m coming out of this a new person and that during the past few months I have been improving myself.  I want to be an honest person and take pride in my morals and ethics.  So many times I thought I had to use drugs to impress people.  My inner strength with my morals and ethics are what I want people to notice about me.  I want them to see how I have changed and not let anyone talk me out of doing anything I strive for.  I have a new sense of responsibility and value of things.  I am going to spend my life building my relationship with my family and earning everything I get.  RC

I just finished writing my first dynamic overts/withholds.  It feels really good to get these things off my chest and getting in touch with how I used to be.  I never want to go back to that person I had become.  Nothing good ever came out of it and only led me into more trouble.  It has made me take a look at myself and realize that I am better than that.  I can’t see myself doing these things anymore because they don’t even exist to me.  I put myself in a lot of danger and I feel lucky to have gotten this chance to take a look at my life and stop these actions from spiraling out of control.  A weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel really good about myself and the choices I’m making today to get my life back.  RC

I am done writing my first dynamic overts/withholds.  I feel an overwhelming sense of relief.  I know that the drugs that I’ve put into my body are in the past.  I feel liberated that I don’t have to live like that ever again.  I feel free from the bondage that drugs and alcohol had over me.  I no longer feel as if I need drugs and alcohol to cope with life.  I know that I am a worthwhile person who lives life in honesty now.  I’ve taken responsibility for my actions in the past and I feel something that I’ve never felt before.  I feel like I actually have integrity today and that is a major, stable win to me.  SS

I just attested to book 6.  I learned how to apply so much new technology.  My biggest win was writing my overts/withholds.  All of my guilt, being ashamed and embarrassment from my overts/withholds was festering and eating me up inside, making me miserable.  Writing them down gave me a chance to confront and take responsibility for them once and for all.  I feel I have a new start on life to become the best person I know I can be through my actions and words.  BP

I have attested to book 6.  I feel liberated for the past and like a new person.  I am very pleased with my work on overts/withholds.  I appreciate the understanding I have gained from this valuable technology.  SS

Changing Conditions in Life Course

Working the exchange for my dynamics was an incredible feeling, not only seeing on a first hand basis how these dynamics are linked, but also that it’s my sole responsibility to keep them all positive in my life and consistent.  It’s just hard to describe the enthusiasm I feel. JC

The Narconon Program

I feel very good about completing the Narconon program.  I now feel confident that I can live a happy and drug free life.  I can face any obstacle without turning to drugs.  I feel free again.  RC

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