Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 15

reviewHere are another series of reviews from Narconon Arrowhead week in review 15.

Narconon Withdrawal Reviews

I have had successes in withdrawal.  I had to kick and this kick was way faster than I thought it would ever be!  The withdrawal staff has been awesome!  I am feeling like my normal self again and back to where I was when I didn’t use.  I am sleeping and eating solid food.  I am so happy to say that I can eat and sleep without the use of drugs!  BG

When I came here I was coming off of heroin and I was really sick, but with the people here and the drills, assists and sessions, I noticed that soon after I came here my withdrawals were not eve a factor.  It seemed like every day I’ve been here is like a blessing.  The cal-mag and vitamins have saved my life because it eased all of my pain along with the help from the people here.  This place has truly been a God-send for me.  So, how do you spell relief, N-A-R-C-O-N-O-N!

Therapeutic Training Routines Course Reviews

My stay at Narconon gets better and better!  Today I began book 1 and it went very well for me.  I have already gotten something out of this book and it was the first day.  I can’t wait to keep moving forward in the program and see what kind of person I’m going to be!  I sense that great things are in my future and I am more spiritual than ever.  Thanks Narconon!  AJ

My success for the day is getting finished with book 1.  I feel that a great groundwork has been set for me to continue to build on and in the future I will be able to live a drug-free, prosperous life.  The things that I learned in book 1 will not only help me in the rest of the program, but will also help me when I am finished.  I am excited to be here and wish I would have come here a long time ago!  CC

Narconon Sauna Reviews

To continue with my butterfly analogy of a butterfly coming out of his cocoon that I started when I left withdrawal, I feel my wings have opened and I can now fly.  I feel clean inside giving me the ability to see life more clearly.  The toxins are out of my system.  I look forward to the next steps in the program as well as the rest of my life.  My life seems brighter and more colorful as I embark on my new drug-free future.  LL

Narconon has really helped me in many ways.  I recently completed sauna and it freed my body of all drugs and toxins as well as diminished my cravings or even thoughts of drugs.  I feel I have become a more responsible person from what I have completed and I finally feel I have the ability to say no if I am ever offered anything again.  Thank you everyone who helped me through and thank you Narconon!  JG

The sauna program has done wonders for me.  I feel like a different person.  I know my body has been rid of all drugs, alcohol and toxins since going through sauna and for that I am grateful.  Not having the cravings, like before will help me succeed in staying sober along with the tools that I will be given while at Narconon.  I am looking forward to the rest of my program.  Thank you!  JD

Narconon Personal Values & Integrity Reviews

I feel much better having confronted past experiences in relation to friends and co-workers.  The damage I created in their lives in the past will enable me to make better decisions for the future.  Now I’m confident in moving forward and putting this behind me.  DW

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