Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 16

happy peopleThe following are a series of Narconon Arrowhead reviews from our sixteenth installment of ‘Week in Review’ at our facility.

Drug Free Withdrawal Reviews

When I was doing drugs my life was what I thought I wanted with money, girls and drugs.  That’s not life at all for me.  In withdrawal I realized what a sober state of mind is and it’s the best feeling.  I just want that back.  I want to show the people that care about me that it meant the world to me when they did my intervention.  Because of the intervention I never want to turn my back on them again.  I am blessed to be here and will enjoy everything I get out of this program.  AO

What I got out of the Narconon withdrawal program were tears of freedom to finally realize I can overcome my addiction.  I cried those tears last night when I realized that I was free from the chains and bondage of addiction.  The withdrawal program opened my eyes to finally realize I can live happily and be successful without drugs.  Thank you, withdrawal!  MC

Narconon Training Routine Reviews

Before coming to Narconon my energy level was very low and my stress and anxiety was very high.  Over the past days I have noticed a dramatic increase in energy.  My stress level has significantly decreased.  As the days go by, my mind gets clearer and clearer.  I feel great and look forward to sauna!  KT

My wins from book 1 are that I feel much more stable in my environment.  I’m more in control of myself.  I’m comfortable with myself.  I feel this was a good experience for me.  My course supervisors were a big help to achieving these wins.  It was a privilege to have gotten to work with them.  I’m really looking forward to moving on in my program.  JB

Reviews from Narconon Sauna

Over the days I have spent in sauna I noticed a gradual increase in how I felt physically and mentally.  I had not realized how much alcohol and other toxins had affected my mind and body.  Thanks to the sauna program I’m sleeping better than I have in years and my mental agility has never been better.  It is truly a grand experience to have a toxin-free body.  I am absolutely sure that my body is now free of alcohol and any other toxins that might have been present.  Thank you!  GS

I’m on the verge of becoming a better person.  I’m one step closer to being a winner!  AV

Narconon Reviews from Objective Exercises

It kind of dawned on me today that I am confident in the fact that I can live a drug-free life.  I now control my life and what I do with it.  I now live it and what places I live in it.  The drugs and other outside influences no longer affect me.  The fact that I can live a drug-free life makes me a stronger person.  No longer do I avoid situations and things.  I am now able to confront them.  No longer do I let what people say or do affect me.  I can’t let what people do bring me down.  I am now more aware that I used to let people do that to me all the time, but now I am able to notice people and things that would affect me in a negative way and do something about it.  I change what I want to change about me and the way I act.  I’m so happy that I’m the real me now!  BT

Personal Values & Integrity Reviews

I’ve felt an extreme weight come off my shoulders having done this exercise.  Confronting my past experiences has given me the freedom to make the right choices in my life now.  By knowing my faults from the past, I’m able to better my future.  This is done by simplifying my life and committing positive actions on a daily basis.  DW

Reviews from Program Graduates

Through my experiences at Narconon I have gained a sense of purpose in myself.  As I approached the later books I realized I didn’t see myself as a person committing crimes.  Instead, I saw myself as an individual who can contribute many things to society.  Having this new ability enables me to succeed in any area I choose.  I’ve made a conscious decision to help others gain the benefits in which this program has instilled in me.  This will be the most positive approach I’ve made in my life!  DW

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