Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 17

lady and sonThis is the seventeenth installment of Narconon Arrowhead reviews from current and former patients of the facility.

Reviews from The Therapeutic Training Routines Course

My major win this week was finally hearing happiness in my mom’s voice.  It was her birthday yesterday and I sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  It was the first time I have heard her truly happy in a long time.  MH

Today was my first day off so I did a lot of thinking about my train-wrecked life and how I got here.  I did not dwell on the past of horrific and terrible things I have done to people I care about the most, but I thought of how I can repay them by finally changing my life and not telling them with words, but finally letting my actions speak.  As I spoke with my mom, she told me she hoped things will finally get better.  I told her everyday I’m here I’m betting better and everyday I’m getting my life back, little-by-little.  I know now I am finally done with drugs and that lifestyle!  MC

Communication & Perception Course Reviews

I feel it would be a good time to express my gratitude for my program.  I am really blessed to have a son who went through the program and is still clean nine years later.  When I got into trouble with drinking we had no question on where I needed to be.  So, thanks to everyone for all the hours the staff has given me to help me with the program.  I’m excited to go onto the next step.  It’s just great being sober!  MB

I am a different person.  I have been transformed into the woman I’ve always admired.  I owe this program so much which is basically my life.  Thank you Narconon!  BM

I feel great about this program.  It is changing me so much and opening my eyes up greatly.  I see things, places and people in a whole new way and the world is much brighter and much more colorful now.  I see that there is a way of life that is totally free from drugs and crime.  I never thought it would be possible, but I am drug-free, happy, healthy and alive!  JW

Reviews from the Personal Values & Integrity Course

When I started writing up my overts/withholds I thought this whole idea was silly.  I couldn’t understand how writing these things could possibly make me feel any better.  But, after I started I came to realize just how much I was really hurting myself, my loved-ones, my friends and everyone and everything else around me.  I see that these things were no one else’s fault but my own.  I now know how much I owe these people for putting up with me through those hard times.  After writing these up, I feel so much better about all of these things.  I feel as though a great weight has been lifted and I have never felt so stress-free in my whole life.  Feeling this good makes me feel as though I do not ever want to commit any more overts/ withholds and to keep this great feeling!  LT

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