Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 18

happy guyBelow are several reviews from our weekly Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review, issue 18.

Drug Free Withdrawal Review

I didn’t think, at first, this was a possibility.  Everyone here was so welcoming and offered such a sense of belonging.  My decision to come to the Narconon program was the best I have made.  I am very happy to be here and I am looking forward to continuing a long relationship with the program and the people who are here with me.  The staff is amazing!  Thank you!  CC

Narconon Training Routines Reviews

Book 1 really taught me how to be comfortable with myself.  It also taught me how to deliver a communication with intention.  I really enjoyed the supervisors who helped me because I know they really care about the students.  Overall I feel I got a lot out of the drills in book 1.  LM

The first day of book 1, I was unsure about what was going on.  Soon I realized the purpose of book 1.  Already I am using the tools I learned daily.  The other day, during a phone conversation with my parents, I realized how differently the communication was between us.  They too also noticed and commented.  These tools will benefit me in my daily adventures.  GL

Narconon Sauna Review

Before undergoing sauna, I was emotionally a mess.  Now, I have no doubts that I’m more able to cope and see a bright future ahead that is drug free.  I know my body is free of toxins.  My mind is clear and cob-web free.  I’m totally a more positive person than I was before entering the sauna program.  I now have a deep respect for this program.  I’m very aware of my environment and I am now capable of dealing with life.  GC

Reviews from Narconon Objective Exercises

These objectives have shown me how out of control my life has been in the past.  Using the technology is putting me back in control of my life.  How exciting!  Thank you Narconon!  KW

The further I get through the program, the better I feel about myself.  I have much more confidence about my confront with people and issues in the present time.  I can handle myself much better with the confidence that I have build since I have been at Narconon.  I feel good about myself.  BH

I am so happy and so satisfied with my objectives experience.  I though I had lost my “good choice” making abilities years ago.  I have it back now.  I am excited about my ability to control myself and my environment.  VM

Personal Values & Integrity Review

After successfully completing the writing of my overts/withholds, I feel relieved of everything that was in my thoughts from the past.  I feel like I’ve had 100-pounds lifted from my back and I can move feely now.  I know now that I’ve taken responsibility for my bad decisions and actions.  I know I am a better person and will continue to be one.  SM

Changing Conditions in Life Course Review

My win on book 7 was I realized who I am as a person.  I am a person who no longer uses drugs.  I am a person who can approve of myself and not seek the approval of other people.  I am a person who sees good inside him and others who are around me.  I am more confident in myself and more confident in who I now know I can be.  I am someone who is not afraid to confront his present or past.  I can stand and be who I know I want to be.  I see myself and I am proud of the outcome that has come in front of me.  I can see me and truly enjoy who I am.  BP

Way to Happiness Review

Book 8 was a great book.  It re-established within me how to take care of myself and how to treat my fellow man.  It showed me how to be a motivator and most of all how to be happy!  DM

Narconon Program Review

I just completed the Narconon Program.  I am so excited that I am almost beyond words.  Completing this program rates right up there, like how I felt when I had my first child or finished RN school.  I am a whole, clean, sober and happy person again.  Narconon helped me to save my life.  The staff is awesome.  I never thought I could feel this way again and it feels so good to know I will never use drugs again.  I know this because, first, I choose not to; second I can be happy and productive without them.  The tools and technology here have been an answer to my prayers. I now feel ready to take on life again.  I received so much here at Narconon that I am going to stay and work as a nurse because I want to give back what I have received, the gift of life!  BP

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