Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 2

communityThe following are reviews of the Narconon Arrowhead program written this past week from clients who are going through treatment at the Oklahoma facility. Here is what they had to say:

I learned a lot from my alcohol and my drug of choice. I know that I do not need these substances to make me feel better or to cover and mask anything that I am feeling emotionally. I am done with that chapter of my life. I have other plans and goals to achieve and am looking forward to accomplishing good things. I had a good student assistant, thank you Sarah W. you are awesome.

Daniel S.

I’m feeling much better in sauna. The more I push myself threw this forever long process, the better I’m feeling. So over all, with much effort and time; I will get the full rewards of this part of the Narconon Program. Thank you.


This has been an interesting experience and I am more than excited to move on with my life and tackling my new SOBER life in the real world where things really matter.


I realized today how good I feel about myself now and how far I have come in my time here at Narconon. I also realize how excited and good I feel about my future and life.


When I started sauna I did not think that I would notice any changes. However, throughout sauna, I did notice a bunch of changes. I came to realize how much the drugs had affected my well-being and made my life seem blurry. As I moved through sauna my sense of smell enhanced a lot. My perception has cleared up, and tremendously. Now I feel really great, I can definitely tell that all those nasty toxins have left my body and am very excited to continue with my new life by remaining drug-free. I am very happy with the outcome from sauna.

I’ve gotten a tremendous amount out of this program and a lot of support from start to finish. I can go home now and apply all the tools I’ve gotten. I can be there for my kids and my parent’s. I feel amazing!

I am ready to finish sauna and my body feels great. I have a great outlook on how I feel and that I feel amazing for bettering myself and putting myself in this situation to succeed and move on. My mind is clear and it feels great to be in my skin. My body feels like I can do anything if I tell my mind I want to do it; that is a big success for me because before this I had to do drugs to feel this way. My body always told me I needed it to survive. Now my body and my mind tell me the total opposite. Now I feel high on life and nobody can tell me different.

Nate S.

My week was great. I never thought I’d make it to the end and I have. I have lots of tools to use in my work and my school. Also, I have lots of tools to deal with my family who’s not the easiest people in the world to handle. Thanks Everyone!

I love my sisters! I’m very close with both of them, but my drug use caused me to withdraw from them. I regret how many family occasions and get-togethers I missed because I was busy getting high or didn’t want to go because I felt guilty. I know being sober I’ll be a much better sister and friend and I look forward to spending more quality time with them. I’m very thankful for my sisters. I understand how my drug use affected my relationship with them and I’m sorry for that. I plan on hanging out with them all the time after I get home.

I honestly know that I truly do have complete and full control over Xanax in my life. I know that it is a bad thing that can only cause destruction. I’m glad that I finally know that there is no chance that I’ll ever use or even want to use Xanax again.  It was a waste of time, money, and memories. I’m glad its over. Goodbye Xanax.

I feel great after completing the program. I know I can use all of the things that I learned here to stay clean and happy. This program was a huge help to me and to my family.

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