Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 23

reviewsHere is our 23rd installment of our Narconon Arrowhead reviews from former patients of our facility in Canadian, Oklahoma.

I Confronted my Drug Problem at Narconon Arrowhead

Marijuana, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia were things that I needed to confront from my past. When I would run out of coke I would smoke blunts to come down which I thought was a great idea. But little did I know I was putting my life in danger without a single care in the world. After confronting these drugs I realize I made several mistakes and I want nothing to do with any of them again.

When I looked at my heroin addiction it was really good but hard to confront. I often used heroin when I ran out of “Roxy’s”. This was one of the most terrible decisions that I ever made. I started losing friends, family, and even my job all thanks to heroin addiction. After confronting my heroin use I truly can say I want absolutely nothing to do with it. It ruined my life and I brought my mom right down with me. It feels awesome to have absolutely no desire for heroin. My family and I are way to important and meaningful, way more important than a stupid high.

My family is behind me 100% in my decision in coming to Narconon. I broke my mother’s heart and it means the world to me knowing that my drug addiction is over and I am more than welcome to rejoin my family. Family means the world to me and without them I have nothing. I had nothing for a while and I never want to experience that again. I love my family.


Accomplishing A lot Through Treatment

Today I accomplished a lot. A lot more today than I have so far all together in my program. I finally got my passes on my training routines. I even got my pass on bull baiting! Which was really hard for me. I lost my temper a couple times today. As usual but I came back to course and got through it. I am now working on the next section in my communication course. I am going to try really hard to get through this faster than the first section. I am trying to get my head on straight and finish my program at a pace that is right for me. I am going to keep pushing myself and continue winning at Narconon then I started here at Narconon I wasn’t sure where my life was heading. I just know it was heading down the wrong path fast. I was confused and depressed and felt like I had no self respect. Through these courses and now getting through writing my overts (past transgressions), I have come to have a huge relief taken off my shoulders. I know now my past is the past and I can hold my head high and with pride. I can begin to rebuild what I have broken down and began to be a part of my family again. This is a wonderful course to not only clear your mind it clears your heart.


I’m Completely Different

I am a completely different person since I came here.  I have my self-esteem back and the confidence I once lost.  It feels good to be clean and me again.  JS

I’m Glad I Stuck with Narconon Treatment

I am so glad I stayed after sauna because I was going to leave.  I have learned so much.  I have all of my drills down solid.  I have all of my confidence back and I have the patience and knowledge to do what is right and who to stay away from.  I know how to work my conditions.  Thank God for this program because I am still alive and not in jail.  SB

I Feel Amazing After the Narconon Arrowhead Program

I feel amazing after doing the Narconon program.  I feel like I am back in control of my life.  Before I came here I was strung out on meth so badly that I thought I couldn’t live without it.  Now I am so much happier with myself and being sober.  I have a clear perception of life and I am ready to go out and do the right thing!  WR

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