Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 25

personHere is our 25th installment of our week in review where we publish a series of testimonials weekly from our clients at the Narconon Arrowhead facility:

Everything Feels Better in Life

I have been feeling much better with everything in my life. I have got long term and short term goals and have been making progress on both. I am more responsible and feel like I am getting my life back together. I do feel much better since I started doing objectives and have had several gains and wins. I am still sober and enjoy living a sober lifestyle so much! This program is really helping me become a better more productive person all around.


I Love Being at Narconon Arrowhead

I realize that I love being here. So many wins each day that I almost forgot what it’s like to be unhappy! I am in a great place in my life now and you still couldn’t pay me to leave!

Brian R.

I Finished Narconon Objective Exercises

Today I completed objectives! After doing these objectives I noticed a huge difference. I now have regained my emotions, self-esteem and most of all my happiness! I can look at things for what they are and not relate them to my memories. I cannot wait to use all of this and live my sober life!


I Completed Sauna Detox

I have had a really great week. I finished the New Life Detoxification Program step and then began my Monday with finishing some other courses. I quickly moved onto book 3 (Learning Improvement) and my course supervisor really helped me get the information and make sure I knew how to apply the data. He is my win for this week because of it I made a 95% on my test. I had a few friends leave and it has been hard but I have had peace with it. Knowing that they are doing well and living drug free. I am so proud of them and myself for how far I have come from the first courses I did here.


Energy & Happiness

I have had an awesome day of many cognitions. It is cool when I feel tired or foggy and I then have a cognition, it feels like the fog lifts and I am filled with energy and happiness. My twin is awesome and very patient with me. I love the objectives I am receiving.

Laura H.

Feeling Great about Myself

I feel great about myself!

Crystal E.

Sober 23 Days

I have a great twin that is challenging me and helping me immensely with understanding what I am supposed to be doing, accurately. I have been sober 23 days!

Jordan B.

Sober Over a Year

68 days sober and 392 days clean. Moving forward with my training routines. My twin and I are now good friends after 68 days. Feeling a little happier every single day!

Judy B.

Completing Courses at Narconon

After completing the first course I feel more comfortable being in present time. For as long as I can remember I had trouble with being comfortable maintaining eye contact, now I have no problem confronting another person and I feel great about it. My communication skills have certainly improved since completing this course. Sing being here my confidence has been going up.

Jordan B.

I Love Myself

I found out today, I am a healthy happy person that does not need drugs and that I love myself!

Doug R.

I Came off Alcohol

Coming off of alcohol was a very difficult thing. With the help of the withdrawal staff, I made it through.

Mark E.

Sleep Has Improved

Since completing withdrawal I am eating better and starting to sleep better at night and getting my energy back.

Kristin D.

Feeling Truly Happy

When I first came to the New Life Detoxification Program my body was full of toxins and I was mentally and spiritually void. After going through it, I now have a good relationship with God, and myself. I am truly happy.

Jonathan M.

I Respect Myself Again

For the first time in years I have self-respect for myself once again. I know this doesn’t sound like much to most people. But to someone that has been a junkie it is HUGE! Thank you to my dad and Narconon!

Krystal M.

I’m Not a Junkie Anymore

I am so glad I am not a junkie anymore. I hate Heroin and how it made me and I like myself a lot better now.

Anna S.

I Feel Fantastic

I am very happy about the progress I have made so far. I feel fantastic, my head is clearer. Physically I feel better and I am super focused. I am ready to move on with my program and I hope I can help others as much as possible along the way.

Scott G.

What I Found Out about Myself

I found out that I am a talented, happy, healthy, caring human being.

Sally F.

Selfless Acts

I had a meltdown this morning. I was leaving. All I wanted was to leave and go find some ice (Methamphetamine) and a rig and get high. My veins were on fire and nothing mattered but getting high! But I was stopped by fellow students and the staff and talked to. Not like a dope crazed fiend but like a human. In those 3 hours everyone made me their number one concern and in their selfless acts I came to an understanding that I do matter and with the support of everyone here I can do this! Much love to each of you!

Krystal M.

Courses Helped Me

These courses have helped me understand addiction more and why and how people get addicted.  I now know how to help someone that is addicted. I enjoyed this packet very much.


I Can Succeed

I found out that I am capable of succeeding and that I do not need drugs to exist.

Sally F.

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