Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 26

The following is our twenty-sixth installment of our Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review.

After Finishing the Narconon Program

I have finished the program and have a great feeling towards everything. I am in the best state of mind that I have ever been.  It is just so good that it is a little more than incredible. I have decided to do the best I can in everything I can and flourish and prosper in such a way that all my dues will be paid and dealt with. I feel like a totally different person and I can’t wait to meet the doors of success and the benefits of following a path that Narconon has demonstrated and showed, I feel really blessed for the information that has been passed on and it benefits for mostly myself and that the steps of the program are just straight up magic.

Francise P.

The Beautiful Life in Front of Me

II am just really focusing on the beautiful life I have ahead of me. I have a lot to be grateful for. Even though I have gone through some horrific times, my life isn’t over. I have been given the chance to re-write my life and I plan on nothing less than a beautiful story.

Misty C.

The Direction I’m Going

I feel great about the direction I am going. Using the technology has really changed my life. I am excited about moving on! Life is good! B. R.

I’ve Come Far in My Program

I realize today how far I have come in my program. My mental and emotional state have come back to the now. I am happy and focused. I am really happy with who I am today! I love my life and I am so thankful to have the abilities to live happy and sober. Knowing how much control I now have to make the right choices. The confidence I have today doesn’t even compare to when I got here 105 days ago. Thanks to the technology and the patience of Narconon staff. I now feel better than ever.

Brian R.

Making it Through the Tough Times

I have gotten through the last long day. I have had my bad parts of the days. But I think that it is what made it turn into a good day overall. Simply since I made it through the tough times.

Nick S.

I’m Not a Drug User

It felt really good to be able to say that I am not a drug using son and to know that I never have to take from family again.

Doug R.

What I Found from Narconon

Through Narconon I have found that I am an honest and loyal friend. I can now have closer relationships with my friends, and discovered who they really are as well as decided to rejoin the group of friends who are drug free and doing well in life. Thank you Narconon!

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