Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 27

partyThe following is our twenty-seventh installment of Narconon Arrowhead reviews from clients of the facility:

I Had No Hope Before Narconon Arrowhead

I came here and I was only 111 pounds on May 8th 2014 with no hope and only a wish that this program would work. As of today I have gained 4 whole pounds and have more hope and life in myself then I can remember in a very long time.

When I first arrived sleep was something that most do without much thought. Most people are able to sleep with ease but I am a meth head or better known as a tweeker. So sleep is something I haven’t done in a weeks until last night. I slept a full night without having messed up drug dreams or tossing and turning for hours on end. I know this doesn’t sound like much too many people but for me this is a huge win!

I had another good night’s sleep last night. I didn’t have any anxiety while I was trying to fall asleep. It has been 11 days since I have done any drugs. Looking forward to the beach tomorrow because we have float’s and can tan. Will be nice to get some sun and enjoy it.


I Feel Better than I Have in the Last 24 Years After Narconon Sauna

When I first came here, I really didn’t think I was going to stay here. I been through so many different programs and in situations that I honestly was hopeless when I got here and in the short amount of time I have been here I have honestly regained faith in myself and never have felt so good in the 24 years I have alive. I honestly feel amazing in sauna and seriously couldn’t have done it without my supervisor and the people I am close to here. My supervisor is an amazing sauna staff member and takes it serious but has fun and is there for us emotionally. I seriously feel amazing and am so proud of myself and my progress here and can’t wait to improve more!


Help Through Narconon Objectives

When I started running my second objective today, everything was going well. I noticed I tend to make more eye contact then my twin when I run him. I feel that has something to do with an effort to communicate as we are running, maybe even just say, “yes, I am here and I hear what you are saying and everything is ok.” Anyway, I am looking forward to running more tomorrow and also running him through his second objective.


Celebrating 78 Days Sober

I got some bad news today but I was able to work through it, thanks to doing my first objective. I am 78 days sober. I had a good morning working too.


Getting My Life Back

I realized that through my drug addiction I have hurt my family so much and that I have hurt the people that mean the most to me. By coming to Narconon and getting my life back in time. I have begun to start a new charge in my life and started the recovery process for both me and my family. I know now that if I hurt them again…that it is my choice and I never want to put them through it again.


Reach & Withdrawal Exercises

I have a lot of gains from the reach and withdraws. I am now seeing pills and alcohol for what they are to me and not thinking of my past also. I realized if I ever choose them, I will go back to where I was and loose the great feeling I have coming to Narconon was the best decision I made to deal with my addiction.

I realized after confronting pills and pill bottles that they are just an object and I cannot let them take control over me again. But mainly they are just an object that has taken over my life for too long and that I enjoy my sobriety and I will not take that road again.  Chasing pills: the high is not worth the agony of being addicted


I Feel Great

I feel great! My life has changed so much in the last 103 days. My perception is greater than it ever has been. My thoughts are so much clearer and the decisions I have been making have actually been thought about. I can’t say enough about how happy and excited I am about today. And tomorrow can only be better!


Awareness from Objective Exercises

I am on objective seven right now and find that I look forward to getting run on these objectives and can’t wait to have my next cognition or get to the next objective. I am finding that what is happening to me in my life at the time of each objective. I am applying as I run them and the result is some incredibly useful awareness’s that to my amazement, seem simple enough to remain constant and applicable to all things in my life.


Life Skills Gave Me a Better Understanding

I had an excellent week and was able to get a lot accomplished. I got to help others and myself as well. I didn’t do it for recognition, it’s just awesome to help someone get a better understanding of the technology and how it can help them in their own lives. I am now on my overs and withholds and I look forward to getting the most I can out of doing them.


I Can Let go of Everything

My success from writing my overs is that I can now let go of everything that I have been holding onto from the past. I is such a relief getting everything off my chest and taking responsibility and owning up to my mistakes. I feel a million times better by thing this part of the program alone! I am feeling awesome and positive about myself. I was ashamed and disappointed in myself at first but now I have realized I cannot change what I have done. I can only move on from it and learn from my mistakes. I will use my mistakes as a stepping stone in my life and also be morally and ethically better because I know that’s how I can be and stay happy with myself and others.


I Overcame an Obstacle

My win today is making a couple of hard phone calls to family members that hold many resentments against me. I apologized to them and felt like I overcame a huge obstacle.


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