Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 28

peopleThe following are Narconon Arrowhead reviews in our 28th installment of Week in Review.

I Feel Better Every Day

I am feeling good every day I am in here at Narconon. My mind is clear and I can focus much better. N.S.

I Am Thankful for a Chance

I just realized today how thankful I am to be here and for getting this chance. I have learned so much here at Narconon and I could not be happier to be sober and to be here. The objective exercises have been going awesome and I have more and more new realizations every day. I am growing as a person and am so proud of myself. I am confident that I have made it to where I need to be in life! J.C.


I had a very peaceful day. The program is working and I notice it every moment. I am very happy to be here. J.M.

I Am Sober

Today I feel really good and am very pleased with my progress. I feel good and sober and feel like my patience is getting better. A.P.

Enjoying my Time on Narconon Courses

I am enjoying my time back in 4A. It is so good to be back in the course room SOBER and CLEAN! I feel like my mind is finally available to grasp, learn and absorb life and I know how to handle it. Some days are better than others but every day is a good day and I am glad to b here. B.R.

New Tools for Life

I realized that I really got a lot of tools here so far and I am going to keep everything with me and use it to live a clean and prosperous life. It is really exciting to be sitting where I am, to be clean and to have a fun life in front of me. I have always gotten a lot out of the detoxification program here at Narconon. J.S.

Making Good Progress

I feel I am making good progress and feel more natural every day. I am excited to learn more. S.L.

Happy at Narconon

I realized that I am very happy here at Narconon. No matter how hard it can be here at times, I know I am lucky to be here and to be sober. I have come such a long way since I got back in January. I am comfortable being here in present time and being in control of my choices and of myself. J.C.

I am handling my program in a much better fashion. I realize that life is also getting better. Talking to others and trying to help each other out in the program also feels cool. A.M.

Gotten So Much Out of Program

This past couple of months has been great. I have gotten so much out of this program. It is going so smooth and I feel great. The weeks get better and better as they go by. Even when I have bad days, I know that they could be worse so I try to stay positive and am thankful for the staff and students that have helped me along the way. I am very grateful for Narconon. J.C.

2 Months Clean

I have been clean and sober for over two months and I feel great. I have also been helping other people a lot and working hard at everything I do. R.E.

Proud of Successes

I am very proud of my successes here and I feel that my attitude improves every day. It is like I am growing ever day and somehow I can see and feel the difference. I am very grateful for my instructors and the staff. M.C.

Good Things Happening

I was arrested and decided to go to rehab the day I was released. The decision was to go to a “6 months” facility. The DA is now dropping all the charges including the ones I was recently arrested for. I do not have probation and they will be able to eventually expunge my arrest record. Also my college scholarship was reinstated because of this. E.F.

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