Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 29

personThe following is our 29th installment of Narconon Arrowhead reviews from former and current patients enrolling in the treatment program:

My Success is My All Time High

My success at this point is at an all time high for me. I literally have not felt this good and in such good mental and physical shape since I was a teenager. At this point in the program I know it is working and I have fully grasped all he data I have been studying. I know for a fact that this place has made me myself again. The Narconon Program has saved my life and I owe all of you my love and gratitude. Go Narconon. E.G.

Feeling Better Than I Have in Years

I feel I am better than I have been in years. Bringing myself to Narconon has been the best decision I have made in my adult lifetime. Being away from my kids is really hard but knowing that I will be a much better father to them is making it a lot easier. Talking with them daily also helps a lot. C.C.

Feeling Good Sober

Glad to be feeling as good as I do from being sober rather than feeling good due to drug use. I have wanted to be clean since I was in the 10th grade and finally at the age of 28 I am getting the actual help that will keep me clean. Thanks to Narconon. C.C.

I Can Help Others

I have taken time out to help others even when I have this sense of urgency to get going on my own things. It’s been nice to see that I can take time to help someone and the joy that comes from that. I could not be happier with the progress that is made. I love my Life! B.R.

All is Getting Better

I realize that I am doing good and I am feeling good. I am facing my problems and making that a lifestyle choice for myself. All is getting better now. J.S.

Worthy of Happiness

I have come to understand that I am worthy of happiness and running with it. I have found myself once again when I thought I was lost a long time ago. I am happy, and not afraid for once. K.M.

Alcohol Doesn’t Have Power Over Me

I realized alcohol has no power over me and I do not need it to have a good time or function. M.S


I am excited to see my family today. My dad, stepmom, baby sister and really good family friends are coming down. It is going to be great to see them, especially since I have not seen our friends since I as on drugs. E.F.

111 Days Sober

I got to get out and go to my bank today. Everyone I saw said I looked so healthy, and my eyes are so blue and that I seemed to be calm. I felt really calm too and realize that I am not missing anything while I am here at Narconon. Today I am 111 days sober. J.B.

Staying Positive

Today I woke up feeling good and went to Bible Study to kick off my day to a good start. Today is my little girl’s 3rd birthday. I am staying positive knowing that even though I am not there that me being here is far better gift for her future. F.F.

Making Progress in Treatment

I am feeling really good about my progress in this program. The staff has been very helpful in helping understand how Training Routines can be applied to everyday life. I am glad to be another day sober, and looking forward t the rest of the program. C.C.

More Productive

I feel great about my week and very productive. I am very excited to see my mom and have a sober birthday. A.P.

Narconon Will Provide Me with Skills to Stay Drug Free

I have learned a lot about the Narconon Program and am much more confident it will provide me with the skills to live a productive, drug free life. Also, I am better prepared to share this information with other addicts that I come into contact with. A.C.

I’m Going to Make It

My success today is knowing that I am going to make it. It has been years since I felt I was worthy of anything like love and friendship. Now I know that I am worth so much more. K.N.

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