Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 3

freedomBelow is the third week in review of clients discussing what they learned from the Narconon Arrowhead drug treatment program:

The Narconon TR’s Program Helped Me to Be Stronger

Perfect practice makes perfect ability of actions. These TR’s challenged me to confront and build up the confront the whole time increasing the gradient until mastered. I now have had several conversations with my family members and all of them say I sound good or sound different, like I have more life and energy in me. They say my tone has elaborated my new persona of communication, there fore leaving me a stronger and more open-minded individual for conversation. There is no blame-game anymore and no more aggressed argumentation. Overall my win is my family, I’d either be in jail or almost dead if it wasn’t for all their support and care. I can further use these TR’s in my everyday life and I can start to see them working and paying off in the long run. Finally, and most importantly, there is no more anxious anticipation or obnoxious opinions for me because of TR’s.

I Have Brighter Plans After Narconon

I have no intentions of using a public restroom or the bathroom at home to get high. It’s really depressing and pathetic when you think about it. Shows how far you are into your addiction, when you start using alone in a bathroom. Yet, I understand where us ex-addicts/addicts are coming from. I don’t ever want to feel that lost again. Everything seems okay for a moment, then everything gets dark and lonely. Nothing makes sense. Then when you come down, you feel like shit and rethink, “did I really just do that?” and realize how much trouble you could have got yourself into. I’m over those days and over using restrooms for that. I have bigger and better plans and brighter days to look forward to.

I’ve Decided I’m Not Using Again

Meth is going to kill me if i don’t stop. My parents took my kids dew to my meth use. I also went to jail because of it. I don’t think clearly or make wise decisions. I blow up on people for even the smallest little things. I want to have a simple happy life with my children and if I continue to use meth that will never happen. I will not use ever again.

This Program Helped With Confronting Family

My mother has suffered a lot of loss. Confronting her reminded me, my sisters Brenda and Carolyn – She thought she was going to lose me to, but I know how relieved she is. A lot of the pressure has been taken off of her. When i talk to her she sounds happy and that’s a great feeling. I know how much she cares about me.

Reaching Goals

I know that alcohol has not done anything good for me. It has done nothing but cause problems in my life. It got me a D.W.I. that cost me a lot of money and made me lose time at work for probation. It made me fight with strangers, friends, and my family. It may have even caused my first divorce? It has done nothing but make my life harder than it should. It has torn me away from things I want, the things I love, and kept me from reaching my goals in life. I don’t want any more!

Rodney H.

I haven’t messed with pot in over fifteen years. I know it is the gateway drug. I fell confident enough in myself and with what I have learned in this program that pot will never be an issue leading to other drugs I am about to confront.

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