Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 30

peopleThis is our 30th installment of Narconon Arrowhead Week in Reviews from former and current patients of the drug rehabilitation program:

Noticing More About Myself and Life

Objective Number 11 was very long, but in the end I feel really great about my life and where I am at with my sobriety! I have never felt so in touch with my environment and myself. I have noticed so much about myself and my surroundings and I feel so much better about everything (life in general). It is good to know that my communication and perception is on point. J.C.

More Aware of Environment

I feel like I got a lot out of Objective Exercise Number One! I am noticing more and more things around me in my environment. I cannot wait and am looking forward to Objective number two. J.S.

In Control of Environment

I am having a lot of wins on Objective Exercise number 5. I realize I am in control of my environment and that I a more aware of my surroundings. I take a lot of the things I have learned with me home when I go for my trip and it feels great to put them to use. C.H.

Keeping Good Things from Going Away

I have gotten all I can out of Objective 7. I realized it is up to me to keep the good things in my life and to keep them from going away and to use intention without reservation to do so. C.H.

I’m In Control of My Mind & Body

Objective Exercise Number 10 helped me realize that I am in complete control of my mind and body. I can make my own choices and be 100% comfortable making them since I am in the right state of mind. I can keep and let go of whatever or whoever I need to in order to stay sober. I am in complete communication with my surroundings and the people in them. I feel awesome about this Objective Exercise and it gave me a great deal of confidence of my choices and my ability to make choices. J.C.

I Have Control Over Myself

We did Objective Exercise Number Two today. I am getting a lot out of this one. I am realizing a lot of things that you would not normally realize on an everyday basis in the real world. I have realized how much actual control I have over myself. I do not know how I lost it. Having these realizations really helps me understand things a lot better. J.M.

Powerful & In Control

During this Objective Exercise I had a realization of how powerful and in control I can be. S.L.

More Calm

I feel amazing. I have made a lot of changes since I have started the Objective Exercises. My concentration is really good. I am more calm. Regaining strength, knowledge and the power of controlling myself is definitely a very big win. I have managed myself very well and will continue to do so. I am extremely proud of myself and doing the program to its fullest. D.S.

Choosing The Right Type of People

I feel that Objective Exercise Number 10 has given me the strength I need to understand the difference in choosing my social spots and learning when to let go. It also taught me to chose the right type of people. F.P.

Better Understand Surroundings

Today I did Objective Exercise Number 4. I had a better understanding of my surrounding and my ability to control them. Despite the obstacles that may arise in my environment, I do have the ability to control and overcome them. D.W.

In Control of Environment & Body

I did Objective Exercise Number 4 again today. I feel really awesome about it and I had a couple of amazing realizations that made me think differently about my environment and my body. I am in control over both and that is an amazing feeling. I lost that when I was doing drugs. I am happy to have it back. I feel a lot more confident and comfortable with myself and my environment. Thanks Narconon! J.M.

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