Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 31

womanThis is the 31st installment of the Narconon Arrowhead Week in review.

Feeling Like a Brand New Person

I feel so much better. It is amazing what I have been through these past 10 days. I have been through some crazy ups and downs. I have cried, gotten mad and then confronted some really difficult things. My hands would shake and some things made me physically ill, but in the end I feel like a brand new person. I am very happy and feel like I can breathe again. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my chest. I am so happy that I got to do this. It was not easy but I got through it and gained so much. I am ready for Book 7. It feels good to take responsibility and be honest. A.C.

Narconon Personal Values Course

I am glad that I took my time in Book 6 (The Narconon Personal Values Course). I feel like it has been a wonderful eye opening experience. I see things a lot clearer and love the direction my life is going. I love my life.  B.R.

Stress Free

I got to experience re-writing my transgressions against family and relationships. I kept an open mind as to why I had to do this. I asked “Do you think I can get even better results?” The answer was yes! And my answer is also yes!

I sat and rewrote my experiences without any distractions around me and I was able to get a clear picture from the outside looking in. I woke today feeling really good. I am happy, I am stress free and I am really impressed with the process I have been going through the last week. I feel great and feel like things are a lot clearer for me. I love my life. B.R.

No Longer Hung on Past Mistakes

I feel great – my ethics are in. I am no longer hung up in my past mistakes. It feels good to be honest. I am ready to move on in the program. It feels that all parts of my life are aligned and as long as I keep my ethics in, I will live a happy successful life.

Owning Up to Responsibilities

I was proud of myself for starting Book 6 and for owning up to my responsibilities (saying I was sorry and regretted my actions yesterday). I realize that from time to time I will be faced with events in my life that may be stressful and it is important to handle it and not react to it. M.C.

I Was Careless

I wrote down my transgressions against myself. I wrote down 50 transgressions. It made my feel good to write it all down. I did not realize how careless I was with myself. Things I would do, just out of the norm, seemed so harmless but yet, I was  jeopardizing so much. I do take full responsibility for all my transgressions against myself. D.W.

I Learned How to Be a Good Person

Book 6 has taught me a lot about ethics and how to be a good person and what happens if I do wrong. I believe that it is very important to know these things and to apply them to your daily life. I feel a lot more prepared to go out to the real world and do things better – especially in a positive way. F.P.

Feeling Better About Myself

I got a lot out of Book 6. It is an important book. I feel a ton better about myself after writing all my transgressions and I am excited to get all I can from the remaining books. S.G.

I Can Face Problems

I feel good. It is getting easier for me to face the problems I did not want to address by being able to talk to everyone about them instead of keeping them secret. J.G.

I Can Own Up to My Actions

I realized I can now look Leah in the eyes and not be ashamed and I can own up to what I have done to her. I also realize that even though I let people go in life, they can still be in your life at a later time if it is good for you. M.S.

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