Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 33

busThe following are patient testimonials from Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 33.

Far Away from Drug Use

I realized how far away I am from drug use. My life is now heading down a different road. I am very excited to see my future drug free. I will never return to that dark place. B.D

Making My Own Decisions

I realized that I can make my own decisions and I can make any decisions that I wish to make. I have the ability to analyze any situation before making a decision about it. S.W.

No One Else Influences Me

I realized a really simple but powerful thing. I realized that I am my own person and no one else has influence on me. I am ultimately in control of myself and my actions.


Ready to Set My Path in Life

I am ready to set my path in life. I can thoroughly control my environment and have a huge effect on it. I will move anything out of my way so I can reach my goals and I will change my environment so that I can get what I need and want for myself and others. C.S.

Improved Communication

Having a great day. Very excited with about the changes that I have been noticing in myself. I am starting to engage in communicating more reach day. 83 days sober. B.H.

Enjoying the Simple Things

My significant lasting gain is my weight. I have gained more than 30 pounds and keep gaining. I have not eaten like this in three years and enjoyed it like I have. I am always grateful to eat whatever and enjoy my meals with the nice folks here. It will be nice to have family dinner together when I get out of here being sober. The simple things in life are the best – food, love, sleep and a day of rest. D.L.

Unique Person

I realize that I am myself, my own unique person. No one is like me. B.D.

I Can Handle Myself

I realized that I can handle myself in situations that I used to handle with alcohol one month ago. E. M.

Can Make My Own Decisions

I am my own person. I am glad to say that I make my own decisions and I am not affected my by surrounding or the people in them. J.C.

Aware of Surroundings

I am very aware of my surroundings. Now I realize that you notice a lot more things when you are not focusing on your past. I also realized that I am here, that I like it here and that I do not want to live in the past anymore. J.C.

Use Information

I feel like I can use the information that I have learned in all points of life. R.H.

I Can Make My Own Decisions

I am able to make my own decisions. I am able to tell which decisions are for the better. I control my mind and body. I am comfortable being in control now and I am happy with my decisions lately. J.C.

Feeling Good About Everything

I feel so good about everything that is going on in my life right now. D.J.

Clean for Over a Month

With coming to Narconon I have been clean for 24 days. That is so awesome for me and a long time coming. With me coming here, it has brought my youngest son and his dad so much closer together and he has kept his promise of staying clean. God has blessed him as I told him he would. He is now getting a well paying job. This is so much motivation for me. There is also the point that we can do this together and do not have to be apart. Great to be here. Supervisors are great.  J.E.

More Clean Time

I have 26 days sober and feel great. Had huge wins in course today. I am closer to sauna and can hardly wait. Another important win is that I have been writing letters to my children and my employers (who helped me get here and who are supporting me totally). They were letters of apology and trying to acknowledge and remember the specific times I lied to them and hurt them. I just want them to know that I was not trying to play them for stupid and that I am sorry. J.E.

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