Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 34

writing reviewThe following is our 34th installment of Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review. Below are testimonials from our patients:

I do Not Think Very Much About Drugs Anymore

My day was really good. My win was one and a half hour of work out this morning. I do not think about drugs very much anymore and am getting through the Training Routines. D.P.

I Will Never go Back to Jail

I am so glad to know and realize that I could have lot so much more in my life and I know that I will never end up back in jail. It is a wonderful peace of mind. B.D.

Will Have Nothing to do With Dope

Heroin is no longer a part of me. I want nothing to do with dope nor will I ever. J.L.

I am High on Life Again

I had a wonderful day and made it through class. Things are getting clearer in my life and my body and my mind feels great and I am finally high on life again. I appreciate the staff for putting up with me an the other students. N.S.

I Have no More Drug Dreams

For two weeks in a row now I have not had a single dream about using drugs. To some people that may not sound like much of a win, but for me that is a huge win. The reason is because they say your dreams come from your sub-conscious mind. And for my sub-conscious mind to not be thinking about using drugs for the first time in three years, that’s AWEWOME! J.D.

Lots of Energy

Today I woke up with lots of energy to tackle the day. My twin and I made a lot of progress on Training Routines 6 – 9. Still having a great day. I am very excited to keep moving on the program. Almost 3 months sober!! B.H.

One More Day Sober

I cleared up all the words in Book 1where I was not totally certain of the definition. I talked to both of my kids today and they were happy to talk and curious about what has been going on. I am one more day sober and feel better than I have in a long time.

I Feel at Peace and Serenity

Wow I feel amazing. I don’t know where to start. I feel like I owed this completely to myself and I did. I am moving on. Every day I am learning new things about myself and my surroundings. I am also learning how to handle situations without going into despair. Everything is good. I could not have asked for a better program. I love it and accomplished a lot since I have been here. I feel at peace and serenity with myself. God is Good, Thanks Narconon for giving me my confidence back. D.S.

Loving Sober Environment

I feel great about my life right now. I love my friends that I have. I love being sober and in a sober environment. I have no desire to go back to partying and my old friends. I am positive that that is my past and that I will never jeopardize my future.

Narconon and Sauna helped me Run Again

My success was getting up again this morning at 7 am to run. I reached my goal of 30 minutes. It was really col to feel my cardio increasing with each workout. Would never have been able to do this had it not been for the sauna and the Narconon Program. D.R.

Glad to Help Others

Great times! Super wins all week with my whole group. We are all so much more high toned and getting positive feedback really motivates us. It feels great to help my twin achieve the wins I have had previously and to hear her originations have given me insight. I am looking forward to sauna and getting started this week. T.T.

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