Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 35

manThe following are the 35th week in review from Narconon Arrowhead.

I Will Never Touch Meth Again

I realized that I have absolutely no urge to get high. I don’t even know why I smoked meth in the first place. I think that it is a dirty drug that made me paranoid and super skinny. I never thought that I had a problem until I got to Narconon. Up until now I never thought that I needed to be in rehab. Realizing that I was doing drugs that I do not even like makes me think differently about the whole situation and I know that coming to rehab is the best decision I have made in a long time. It feels good to be able to confront drugs and alcohol and not want to get high. I used to just think about drugs and want them but now I can confront them and not feel like I need to be high. I will never touch meth again and I am happy to know that. J.C.

Able to Forgive

I confronted my molester from my early life. At first I was angry and my breathing sped up, but at the end I know that people fuck up and that they will be judged by the one true God.

I also realized that what happened in my life then has no control over my life now.

I feel good about and still feel goo about being flat on confront with him! B.R.

Forgive for the Past

I feel so much better after confronting my family. I realized all the wrong things I had done to hurt them and that regardless of all that, they still love me. I feel much better mentally and physically about being around them. I can be around them and not feel bad about the things I have done because it is the past and they forgave me. I can communicate with them and know that they do not hold anything against me. M.C.

Urge to Drink Alcohol is Gone

My past two months here in rehab I have told myself that I want to learn how to drink responsibly because I did not want to stop drinking. Right when I sat down in front of the 5 different bottles of alcohol I immediately started thinking of all the experiences I had even on alcohol. It surprised me for as much as I thought that I had fun on alcohol I could not think of one good memory. I realized how much I do not like myself drinking. All the stupid thinks I have done and the trouble I have been in is not worth any of it. I am really happy that I have confronted alcohol because I no longer have any urge or plans to drink. I can picture my life without it and it is going to be so much better than when I was drinking. J.C.

Feels Great to Make Changes in Life

I feel great after looking at my family’s house. It made m realize all the things I did there and all the drugs and paraphernalia I brought around my family. It feels good to know that I will never do that again. It feels good to realize what a change I have made in my life. M.C.

I Have no Desire for Roxy

It was really good for me to confront Roxy. Roxy is the main reason I landed in rehab. I let them take over my life with no regard. I could not go to work without them. I could not do anything unless I had a stupid pill to get me through. I ruined plenty of relationships and most importantly I destroyed my mother, which is the worst of everything. It felt great confronting Roxy because they now make me feel sick to my stomach which is awesome. I have self -control now and no desire for Roxy.

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