Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 36

peopleThe following are Narconon Arrowhead Reviews from the 36th week from former patients at the drug rehab facility.

I am Done With Alcohol the Rest of My Life.

I am glad that I confronted booze. It confirmed even more for me how completely dumb I am on it. It has brought nothing but pain and suffering throughout my life. It has cost me a ton of things and opportunities. I can say without a doubt and with 100% certainty that I am completely done with alcohol the rest of my life. B.D.

I Will Never Use Cocaine Again

When I look at the picture of cocaine, nothing but negative thoughts come to me. I am so happy to know that I am 100% done with this era of my life. This drug never brought anything good to me life. I would always just be wanting more and more, not to mention my nose would run, my breath would smell. Confronting all of this makes me laugh at myself that it took me this long to get to the point where I am completely done with this and the person I was. I can sit here and say without any doubt that I will never use Cocaine again. B.D.

I Will Never Hurt My Family Again

Looking at pictures of my family really hit home to me. I can’t believe how far I have pushed everyone away with my drug use. I can’t believe how I hurt these people that I love because of my selfish acts. I can’t wait to get home and start to rebuild my relationship with all of them. I am so thankful that I have them in my life and how they have stood behind me no matter what I have done to them. I love my family to the end of the world and know that I will never hurt them again. B.D.

My Future Will be Happy and Positive

Looking at my house and truck brought back some tough memories. It was a place where when times were good, they were great. I had an amazing house, an amazing truck and an amazing girlfriend. When times were bad, they were really bad. I was lonely in a deep depression spiraled around drugs and booze. It was tough at the beginning to look at these pictures but as time went by, it became easier. I have now begun to accept that I did drugs there, but I now have the comfort of knowing that I will never again use drugs in these places because I will no longer use at all. I am glad to know that my future will be happy and positive.

I Will Never Use Again

Looking at these pictures reminded me of a very dark lonely place I was in. From the moment I started using my life began a downward spiral. I just feel lucky to be able to catch my addiction at an early stage because God only knows where I would be heading if I had not sought help. There was no positive at all that came from my use of all these drugs. I can even begin to explain how much I know I will NEVER go back to that dark hole of depression I was in when I was using. I know for a fact that my life has changed and I will never use again in my life. B.D.

I Will Show Her in Actions That I have a Sober Life

This picture really had me thinking. I can’t believe I would have let my life slide so much out of control that I ended up losing an amazing person, Nicole. I can’t ever believe that I did what I did to her. I hurt her so bad and all she did was to stand by my side the entire time. I do not know what our future holds and only God knows, but I do know that I want a chance to show her the new sober me and let my actions speak louder than words. I have told her a million times that I will clean up and never did. This time I can show her that I am done with that life. B.D.

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