Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 38

This is the 38th installment of Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review with testimonials from patients at the Arrowhead facility in Canadian, Oklahoma on the Life Skills courses offered at the facility.

I Can Apply What I Learned at Narconon to Life

I feel great knowing I can take the knowledge I have learned at Narconon and apply it to my life back home.  Working the conditions has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had here.  CB

I Took Responsibility

While in Book 6, I finally took responsibility for my actions while using drugs.  I feel a great relief from writing my overts and withholds.  I have a clear conscience and have my ethics in for my future.  SS

I Can Identify Personalities

I have successfully competed Book 5. I was very interested in this book before starting it and found it very easy to learn.  I will apply this information.   I will use the knowledge in real life situations and be able to tell when others or I am in a bad situation.  I will be able to identify social and anti-social personalities.  DP

I Have More Control Over My Life

Objectives has done more for me than anything else I have learned in my 35-years.  I have never felt so powerful, at peace and in control of my life than I do today.  There is no way I would ever exchange this gift for one more high.  This has given me back the enthusiasm and vigor for life that I lost seven years ago.  I can’t wait to take on my future in present time!  RM

Narconon Objective Exercises Helped with Communication

After Objective 10, I realized that I can control my reactions to my environment.  It can’t control me because I am in control of all communication.  I initiate it when I choose and I end it when I choose.  TG

I Feel Well-Balanced

I am well balanced in my program, comfortable in my classes and learning a great deal of discipline.  This helps me stay responsible for my actions so that I continue to be a strong person.  RR

I Got Myself Back

I have completed objectives.  It was a true test of my patience and character.  The biggest thing I got out of objectives was I got myself back.  I have had great wins through the hours spent on objectives.  I can confront problems without getting frustrated, because I had to go through this frustrating process called objectives.  Thank you Narconon!  No millionaire could buy what I achieved here!  DV

I Can Confront & Control Any Situation

After completing book 4a, I feel I can handle any person and I can confront and control any situation.  I feel more confident now walking into any room.  I love the fact that my communication is so fluid now with no mistakes.  BR

I Feel Amazing

I am ecstatic about my completion of withdrawal. I feel amazing.  I can’t wait to get into the rest of the program.  AP

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