Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 40

groupThe following is our 40th installment of Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review with new testimonials from our patients:

Arriving at Treatment

I first came in here thinking I didn’t really heed help.  I wasn’t really withdrawing as far as I was concerned.  Through the withdrawal process I noticed a lot of things I haven’t had to use in a long time, like patience, communication and compassion.  Overall, I appreciated the experience.  BM

Starting to Feel Better

I came in here tired and more or less hung-over.  The staff let me sleep and eat.  They gave me assists and made me laugh.  I would do it again if need be.  Thank you!  I feel much better than I have in awhile.  JH

The Narconon Sauna Helped me Feel Better

Today I completed the sauna program and I feel better than I have in the past five years.  I have a new-found awareness in my surroundings as well as sharper senses.  I’m positive all the drugs are out of my system.  Thanks to sauna I’m more energized than ever.  RP

Learning How to Learn

I really got a lot out of this book.  I really learned how to study and the importance of recognizing the barriers.  I now know how to keep my progress moving and can help myself when I don’t understand something.  Book 3 was really helpful. CS

Seeing People for Who They Are

I feel confident that I can finally see and find out who people are.  Book 5 taught me that I really need to pick the right people to be around in order to live a clean and productive life.  I plan on disconnecting from a lot of people I now believe to be suppressive.  This technology has given me an advantage over those people.  BR

Facing Past Transgressions

I feel great about writing my overts/withholds on my second dynamic (family dynamic).  I never thought I would ever feel better about the things I’ve done to my family.  I know that it is in the past and this is now.  I have taken responsibility for my actions and I feel much relief.  I can’t wait to show my family the respect and love they deserve.  CL

Huge Sense of Relief

I feel a huge sense of relief after writing down my overts/withholds on my first dynamic.  It was something I didn’t want to do, but I knew it was something that needed to be done.  Now that I have done it, it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I can’t wait to write overts/withholds on my other dynamics and have even move weight lifted.  DP

Moving Past the Past

It feels amazing to be able to talk about the things I’ve done and not want to go out and use again.  Up until I wrote my overts/withholds, thinking about my past made me want to jump right back into my old shoes and be where I was at.  I am now completely flat on the things I’ve done and am ready to move on.  BS

Facing Conditions in Life

My life is coming together.  Everyday gets better and better.  By working these conditions a person can look at his life and figure out where things started going wrong and correct them.  If he does it right, he will feel relief, more confidence and just an all around better grasp of his life.  I really do thank the course supervisors who guided me through book 7.  I know the way out is the way through.  TT

The Way to Happiness

I have finished book 8 and got a lot out of it.  Most of it was common sense, but it was good to be reminded of the things that seem so simple sometimes.  I know that by applying the things in this book to my life, I will be a very happy person!  CH

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