Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 8

The following are our Week in Review testimonials from clients at our facility.

Gotten So Much Out of Program

I am so happy to be finished with the program.  I have gotten so much out of it and I have learned so much about myself, it is unbelievable.  Every part of the program benefited me in every way.  I am myself again and I can’t wait to start working here and fulfilling my purpose in life.  DS

I’m Drug Free

I completed the Narconon program.  I feel very good that I’m drug-free.  It feels so good.  I would like to thank the Narconon staff for all their help.  I would also like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to stay and work here to help other students.  Thank you all!  CW

I am Grateful For Narconon Arrowhead

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Narconon program.  When I started I was very hesitant and didn’t understand any of what we were doing.  But, through all of this I just stayed positive and stuck it out.  After doing sauna everything seemed much clearer and I started feeling great.  Things began to fall into place.  I began to understand why we were doing drills.  Then, after getting through objectives I started seeing things more in present time instead of dwelling in the past as I used to do.  Doing books five, six and seven have helped me learn how to keep myself in the condition I am now and not end up back where I was before.  I am very grateful for being able to do this program. LT

Narconon Helped Me

Wow!  I could have never imagined how much Narconon could have helped me.  When I got here I was in really bad shape.  I really didn’t want to do drugs, but I felt that I couldn’t stop because I had too many cravings.  Sauna helped me out a lot and thanks to that I am drug and craving-free.  I always tended to dwell on the past and felt so bad for all the things I did.  Objectives, overts and working conditions helped me a lot with all of that.  And, while being here, I have gained so much self-respect and confidence and even more than I had even before doing drugs.  This place has helped me out so much.  It saved my life!  I owe you all so much.  Thank you!  BT

Conditions Course Win

I feel great about the conversations that I had with my mother today while working this condition on Book 7, Changing Conditions of Narconon. SW

Narconon Objectives Helped Me Focus

This objective has really got me focused on where I am and what I am doing. I feel great! am as happy as can be in present time, good ARC with everything REAL around me. JR

Learned A Lot During Book 6

I learned a lot during book 6! I learned how to take responsibility for things how to prevent future overts. Reason is the key to good ethics. CS

Another Day Sober

Today my wins were just making it through work and course, calling my family, eating well and another day of being sober and being able to confront and communicate better. CM

I Understand The Word Win

Today as great. I really understand the true meaning of the word win. From today onward I will strive for a win and be in the present. Just being and enjoying every moment. I am looking forward to tomorrow. AG

Happy & Healthy

I am very happy and healthy and clean and sober. I am successfully doing my sauna program.  AC

More in Control

I feel more in contact with my body. I also feel more in control of it and therefore can control my environment better.

Benefits from Narconon Sauna

My success for the week is actually feeling a benefit from sauna, I can tell it is helping me, my mind is clearer, and I have more energy. My family says i look healthier, I am blessed to have this opportunity”. BF

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