Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review

narconon arrowhead graduateThe following are some of the most recent reviews for the Narconon Arrowhead program this week. These clients are undergoing different parts of the treatment process and all have unique things to say about their program and express positive thoughts about their progress:

I’ve Decided to Live Life for the Better

I’ve had the best week of my life! Best mood I’ve been in. I’ve realized how much I love my mother and my family and just how much I took advantage of the people and things in my life. All of this makes me want to live my life better. I’m such a happier person at this point in my life.

Jacy C.

I’m Not the Person I Was

I never hung out with my dope dealer. I very seldom got out of my truck. I didn’t want to be around them. Now that I think about it I was no different, I didn’t want to be around myself so I keep moving trying to out run my problems. I would always go out of my way to put myself out to help someone else. I don’t know how many times my girlfriend would say, you should try helping yourself sometimes. Well I’m doing that now and I’m not the person I was nor will I ever be again.

Rodney H.

I Realized I’m Not Myself on Drugs

So my success story is about my day yesterday. I realized how crazy and how I’m NOT myself under ANY influence of drugs I HATED the way I felt. All I wanted was to feel like myself more then anything because I like to be in control of myself and see things for what they are. Also my memory is improving a lot and I’m realizing I’m more intelligent then I thought.

R. Giles B.

I’m Eating Better After the Sauna

I completed my first day of sauna and it was great. All the time spent sweating really made my body feel better. I could feel toxins being released at endorphins and dopamine being related the registered in my brain. I am more awake and alive with passionate energy. I can’t wait to see what industrial toxins extreme from my body to my body in oil fields, workshops and painting parlors. although the niacin makes me have a rush, I like it and know its doing its job. I have had no cravings for sweets or drugs yet. I imagine this to change as the gradient of time in sauna and niacin increase in constant. I am having a win with all my meals because I am eating way better than I ever have before. Looking forward to day 2.

Dylan L.

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