Narconon Arrowhead Withdrawal Student Reviews

drug freeThe following are a series of reviews from the Narconon Arrowhead drug free withdrawal program. This is a drug free and effective solution to handle the acute effects of stopping drug use. It should be noted that anyone applying for this program must receive a full physical and approval from a doctor before starting.

Dramatic Improvement in Physical & Mental Health

Since I arrived here I have seen a dramatic improvement in my physical and mental health. I have changed my attitude from wanting to leave and being miserable to wishing to continue my work here. The staff has been wonderful and encouraging and has shown me there is another way to life other than drugs and alcohol. My daily schedule and day-to-day activities have been dramatic improvements. I really wish to take it to the next level and hop the program continues to bring me success in all aspects of my life. JG

I Feel Wonderful

After a few days down in withdrawal, I feel wonderful. I feel like my old self again. I feel alert, aware and comfortable. My body feels like I have all my energy back that I didn’t have before I got here. I owe a lot to the withdrawal staff as they really brought my mind and body back to life. I’m grateful and thankful to be here. BR

Ready to Move to Next Step

I have experienced many wins and gains during my time spent in withdrawal. I feel like I have come so incredibly far in the past week. I feel great about moving onto the next step in my recovery. JI

I Was Skeptical

From the beginning of all the various sessions, I was very skeptical that they would work. I now have had first hand experience. My foot, which was hurt, would not go in a shoe. We did the “Touch and Release” assist on it and since then I have had my shoe on and off three times. I don’t know how it works, but it does. BB

I Have a More Positive Outlook

Now that I have spent a few days in withdrawal, I am confident I have a more positive outlook on my recovery and the ability to approach things with an open mind. I have been using drugs in one form or another for about 10 years. For the first time I am looking forward to changing my life forever. I am anxious to begin working my program and I thank you for this opportunity. MM

I’m Happy About My Stay at Narconon

Coming to Narconon I really didn’t know what to expect. Actually I had a pretty negative and bad attitude. Recently I have been feeling good and happy about my stay here. I’m looking forward to completing the books. RC

The Assists Helped Me

When I arrived here, my body ached from a recent mugging and knife attack. The assists given by the staff helped tremendously to relieve the pain and to speed along my recovery. They helped me get back in touch with my body so I could begin the recovery process. KB

Thankful for the Staff

First, I want to thank the withdrawal staff for believing in me that I could get through this. I never thought I could feel so refreshed after being so sick. My sleep has returned, not to mention a ridiculously large appetite and lots of happiness and accomplishments. I feel great due to the work of the staff. I am looking forward to moving to the next step. I feel ready to conquer the rest of the program! CL

Stopped Heroin Without Medication

I never thought I could quit heroin without the help of medication. The withdrawal program kept me very busy and helped me keep my mind off of things. I made it through and I feel great about kicking dope, naturally. RC

I’m Grateful for the Chance to Experience Life Again

I feel so grateful for getting the chance to experience life again. I want to thank the withdrawal staff for helping me complete withdrawal and for helping me feel great. I feel like a new person. CL

I Feel Restored & Energized

Withdrawal has been a big win for me! A week ago I didn’t know I could feel even this good again. I feel fed, rested and energized. The withdrawal staff is fantastic! Thanks a million! KB

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