Narconon Clients Write More Successful Reviews on Integrity Course

happy personThe following is are even more positive reviews on the Narconon Personal Values & Integrity Course written by clients of the Narconon Arrowhead program located in Canadian, Oklahoma, This is what Narconon Arrowhead patients had to say about the Integrity Course:

Gaining Better Knowledge

I gained great knowledge out of book 6.  It has prepared me to live a happier and better life.  I also have been relinquished from my past shortcomings and I am able to move forward now that I have taken responsibility for them with a clear mind.  MT

My Life is Priceless

I realize how far I went to support my drug use.  Only to get high for one day could have cost me years behind bars.  Also, I didn’t care who I hurt in the process.  My life and those around me are priceless.  SR

I Have Come Clean

I feel so much better now that I have written up my overts and withholds on my second dynamic.  I was very dishonest with a lot of people that I loved very much.  I feel now that I have come clean with those issues, I can live an honest life.  I know how to be faithful in all of my relationships.  CJ

I Won’t Let Anything Get in the Way

Writing my overts/withholds made me really miss playing tennis. I used to really love to play tennis and I spent my entire high school years working to play in college.  The stupid things I did held me back from reaching my full potential.  I have set a goal and that is to go back to school and play tennis at a college level like I once did.  I’m turning my motivation to this and letting my mistakes fuel me to be better than I ever was.  I promised myself I will never let anything get in the way of what I want to do.  RC

I’m Ready to Move On

Wow!  The first dynamic (self) was painful.  It was very hard for me to write down all the self-inflicted overts/withholds.  While I was writing them down I cried and was sick to my stomach and so disappointed at myself that I actually took my clothes off and stood in front of a mirror.  In t he past when I would look in the mirror at my scars, I feared them, because I didn’t know where the next one would be. But now, when I look at them, it makes me feel strong and strong enough to be able to know that I’m a different person inside and out.  I’m ready to move on.  I felt a relief after writing my overts/withholds and I am ready to move on.  SR

I Was a Menance to Society

I never realized the amount of carnage I caused and how much of a menace I was to society.  Looking at all these things I’ve done really makes me glad that I did the right thing and came to Narconon before me life got any more out of control.  JK

A Lot of Relief

I feel like I have finished writing up all of my overts/withholds on my first dynamic.  I felt a lot of relief.  I can totally see how messed up I was toward myself and how doing these things, not only physically hurt me, but hurt me mentally and spiritually.  Now, I feel great!

I Have Accepted Myself

I have accepted myself for the new person I have become.  I like what I have changed into, which is a much better person.  I have good intentions and I look forward to showing everybody that I’m changed permanently.  I will never go back to my old, bad ways and habits.  RC

I Have An Explanation of My Past Behavior

Today, I completed book 6.  It was my favorite book yet.  I now have an explanation of my past behaviors.   I can move on now with a positive freedom from my past overts/withholds.  I can’t wait to do book 7.  DS

I Got Them Off my Chest

I really feel good about my overts that I wrote on my second dynamic. There were a few that bugged me for a while, but I am glad that I got them on paper and off my chest. I feel better about them personally and I know that I still am going to have to work on restoring my relationships with each and every family member that I have affected. I know this is the first step to making that a reality and I’m really glad that I can now say I’m on my way to fixing the problems that I’ve caused. BS

I Make Myself Happy

I feel really great after writing my 7th dynamic overts. It started our really difficult for me because I really didn’t remember who I was at all because of my drug use. After thinking hard I started to find myself again and realize there is a fun person in me without drugs in my life that I had lost for a very long time and I am so glad to have found myself again and know I will have a great life and make it in life with out needing anything in my body to make me happy. I make myself happy now more than any drug could do for me. LW

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