Narconon Patient Talks About His Days On Objective Exercises

person contemplatingIt can be difficult to have a conversation with a drug addict, as their focus and attention seems to be only on the past and the drugs they have abused or are abusing.  Drug addicts can be dangerous to have in situations that require close attention and the ability to swiftly react, since they seem to be perpetually out of touch with the world around them.  Unfortunately, stopping drug use and even cleansing one’s body of residual drug toxins does not automatically restore the individual to an ability to be aware of their present environment and act within it. 

The Narconon Objective Exercises

The Narconon Objective Exercises make up just one part of the many life skills courses that program students participate in.  The Objective Exercises put the individual back in touch with the world around them, and the people in it.  Many individuals find that the Objective Exercises help them disconnect from the past shame, guilt and embarrassment that stemmed from their drug use, and move forward into taking responsibility for their actions and for their future.

To further illustrate the benefits and impact of the Narconon Objective Exercises, here are some excerpts from one student’s daily reports while on these exercises:

Day 1

The student reported that during the exercises he began to pay more attention to what others were saying to him.  Previously, he would only half-listen to what people were saying and make assumptions about situations without even knowing what was happening.  After just one day of Objective Exercises he understood the benefit of listening and thinking before acting.

Day 2

The student reported that he had become angry during the Objectives Exercises that day.  After continuing the exercises for a bit longer he realized that he had a problem with authority and doing as he was asked.  This realization helped him to no longer feel angry about the exercises, and he more happily continued them.  He became more aware of the environment around him, and he began to notice things that he hadn’t noticed before.  He decided that it was okay to have authority in his life, a lesson he felt that he would always find helpful in life.

Day 3

The student reported that during the Objectives Exercises he had suddenly realized just how horrible his life had been while on drugs, and how much more confident and happy he felt now that he had achieved sobriety from drugs.  He reported that he was looking forward to his future.  He also noted that many of the pains he had suffered from while on drugs were gone, causing him to feel wonderful physically.

Day 4

The student reported that he had come to realize how much he had hurt his body with drugs in the past, and how he needed to heal himself now.  He began to feel more connected to his body, and experienced heightened sensations, like touch and sound, as a result.  He reported that he was beginning to feel more in touch with himself and the present environment around him.

Day 5

The student reported that he knew that the Narconon program was giving him a new start – mentally and physically.  He realized that he has to respect his body, because the feeling of a clean body is better than any temporary or artificial feeling given by drugs.  While in his past he had resisted making any changes to his life, he finally came to realize that there were certain things in his life that he had to change, like the people he hung out with and the things he did.  He stated that he was certain these changes would be well worth it, he loved how he felt and acknowledged that it was the best he’d ever felt.

Changing Lives

The Narconon program is designed to help an individual thoroughly address and resolve all of the causes and effects of drug use so that they can confidently move forward into a healthy, happy, productive future.  The Objectives Exercises are just one way that Narconon students are able to connect with their present environment, discard their past, and move forward into a better future.

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