On the Road to Sobriety With the Narconon Arrowhead Training Routines

personThe following are reviews from Narconon Arrowhead Training Routines. This is one of the first parts of the rehab program offered through Narconon.

A Great Foundation

I thought Book One was very helpful. I learned a lot about myself and others throughout the last two weeks. I think it has given me a great foundation for the rest of the program.

Happy to Be Sober

I am very excited to be finished with the first book of the program and looking forward to start sauna. I am happy be to sober and waiting to finish what I have started to bring me closer to a happy life. C.C.

Sober Another Day

I made it through Book 1! I talked to both my kids today and they are excited about coming and seeing a sober dad for once. I feel good about my progress in the program and happy to be sober another day.  C.C.

Feel Good About Where I’m At

I have completed Book One. I improved my skills with the Training Routines and I feel really good about where I am at with my Training Routines. L.C.

Settled In

I finished Book One today and I feel a lot better. I have been sober for 17 days and I am starting to get settled in here. I am glad that I am getting comfortable. A.R.

I Can Control Myself

Today I successfully used Training Routine 0. I was able to control myself and not punch in the mouth a rude loudmouthed person who had no common courtesy for others. Winning. K.M.

Huge Win

My win today is HUGE. I have completed Book One after many long days but with great help from a wonderful supervisor and great classmates. I can say that I have done it and have a very good understanding of Training Routines 0 – 9. Huge thank you to everyone that helped. K.M.

Heightened Ability to Confront

I have realized that with the Training Routines from Book One I have gained the ability to confront the pain and emotional problems that I used to use drugs to numb and escape from. Facing and confronting things has made my life more stable. I even communicate better. J.S.

My Wins from Book One

This is what I achieved from Book 1:

1) Achieved 30-35 minutes of confronts on my Training Routine 0.

2) Am on time for class every time. I did the exercises to the best of my ability.

3) Able to communicate better.

4) Can be anywhere comfortable.

5) Can look people in the eyes, face my problems and communicate fearlessly.

6) Can command my intent by realizing a goal and push through to achievement under any stress (great for parenting, work, school, etc.). J.G.

More Comfortable

I got out of withdrawal and started Book One. I am working on confronting things that bother me and being more comfortable in my environment. I am getting better at it. K.B.

Improved Self Confidence

I passed Training Routines 0 – 4 today, which made me feel good. I forgot how important it is for my self-confidence to be validated for accomplishments. When I started (my first course day) I could not look anyone in the eye and now I am more comfortable confronting people. I also feel better in my ability to control communication and handle people and situations.

Stronger Meaning

I am feeling super confident with Training Routines 1 – 4. It is like riding a bike – everything has come back to me, which makes it easy. I also have a stronger meaning of the Training Routines than I did before. S.G.

Learning Patience & Good Communication

I realized that if I use the things I have learned in the Training Routines, like intention without reservation, the right amount of force needed to control a situation, patience and good communication, I can maintain my sobriety and still get through any situation in life.I can get through anything and it is so apparent now just how useful the Training Routines in Book One are going to be for my sobriety. I can take on anything in life and still be sober, productive and a respectable family man, dad and citizen. B.F.

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