Patient’s Search For Sobriety Ends With Narconon Arrowhead

Narconon ArrowheadMany former substance abusers will admit that one of the most difficult parts of handling their problems with addiction was admitting that they had a problem and needed help.  Considering that some substance abusers have passed up sincere offers of help from family members and friends, sometimes for months or even years, before finally admitting they had a problem and needed help, it follows that help should be readily be available for those who need it.  More importantly, help should have the desired result – the individual’s restoration to a healthy, productive life.  Unfortunately, it often happens that the help many individuals receive in the form of rehabilitation treatment fails to effectively help them overcome the physical and mental causes and effects of substance abuse and they continue to suffer on.  Over time, if the individual has participated in several treatment programs without lasting results, they may come to the conclusion that they are beyond help and therefore beyond hope.  Despite this discouraging setback, there are those that continue to search for a way out.

Narconon As a Way Out

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is a unique and holistic rehabilitation program that seeks to address and resolve both the physical and mental causes and effects of substance abuse.  With drug-free withdrawal and detoxification and a series of life skills courses, the Narconon program aims to restore an individual to health and an ability to handle the challenges and difficulties of normal life without turning to drugs again in the future.

A vital part of the Narconon program is their routine outcome monitoring, whereby facility staff contact program graduates to review their progress and success.  For over two decades the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has encouraged substance abuse treatment facilities to monitor the outcome of their graduates.  Graduates contacted are asked about incidents of substance abuse, criminal activity, mental and physical health, family and living conditions, education or employment status and social connectedness following program graduation.

Outcome monitoring can allow Narconon staff an opportunity to help graduates through any difficulties they may be experiencing, and it is also a way to spot and address any weaknesses in the program itself.  It is through both the success of their program and their routine outcome monitoring that Narconon has been able to achieve a success rate of over seventy percent of program graduates maintaining their sobriety.

A Fifteen-Year Search for Hope

When Matt was forty years old, he began to search for a way to overcome his problems with substance abuse and achieve sobriety.  He enrolled in six different rehabilitation facilities, and returned to drug use after each one.  While he was discouraged after each rehabilitation treatment failure, Matt was determined to solve his problem and he continued to search for a solution.

In 2008, after fifteen long years of searching, Matt found out about Narconon Arrowhead and quickly enrolled in the program.  The difference between this and other programs was clear – after completing just the withdrawal and sauna detoxification portions of his program Matt was finally free from unexpected and unwelcome cravings for drugs and alcohol.  His journey to full rehabilitation and sobriety was only just beginning, though, and Matt moved on to the Narconon life skills courses.  He discovered the underlying reasons for his drug use, and was able to take responsibility for the choices he made and the damages he caused.  Matt also equipped himself with the knowledge and tools that are necessary to be successful in everyday life, overcoming difficulties, challenges and undesirable situations without turning to drugs.

Matt is now happy, healthy, productive, and most importantly – alive.  He is grateful to the program and caring, concerned individuals who brought a welcome end to his fifteen-year search for help and thereby saved his life.


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