Review from One Client Says Narconon Arrowhead Breaks Addiction Cycle

reviewsssK. is a graduate of the Narconon program with a wonderful success story. She was born to parents who both suffered from drug addiction. Growing up, she watched her mother go in and out of treatment facilities only to relapse and continue her downward spiral. She watched her father go in and out of the penal system for the majority of her teenage years, only to return to society and continue doing the same. You would think that watching her parents destroy their lives would be enough for her to avoid following their example. This was not the case.

At the age of 14 she began smoking pot; shortly thereafter she began selling it. At 16 she was pretty deep in and was moving large amounts of marijuana and LSD throughout her high school. At the age of 18 she began using the drug that had robbed her of most of her childhood, meth. By the time she turned 24 she was manufacturing it as well. Her first son was born around this time and, although she had stopped using while pregnant, she went right back to it as soon as he was born. She would leave him with her grandparents and leave for days on end. She had become addicted to the lifestyle, the fast money and excitement. She began to neglect her child in much the same ways that she resented her parents for her childhood.

At the age of 27 she became pregnant with her 2nd son and 3 months after he was born she was arrested in OK for manufacturing meth. After spending a couple weeks in jail, her family bonded her out. She jumped bond and continued destroying not only her own life, but the lives of many others by poisoning her community with meth. She was finally arrested and spent 3 years in the Oklahoma Penal System. Upon release, she was given a $50 check which she took to the nearest pharmacy and purchased Sudafed, picking up right where she left off. She was injecting large amounts of meth and had no sense of what was right anymore, and she really didn’t care. She became pregnant for the 3rd time with twin girls. 6 months into her pregnancy she was arrested again.

She went to Lawton, OK city jail and was shortly transported to Comanche County Detention Center. She was then transported by helicopter to a medical center as there were complications with her pregnancy. Her girls were still born two weeks before delivery. She fell into depression after that and resorted to the one thing she knew that could make me feel better… cooking meth. She landed back in a detention center and was on her way back to prison. She was completely hopeless. She figured she would never be any different and would continue to go down this horrible path.

Looking For Change

At this time in her life she turned to God for answers. She began praying and seeking freedom from her addiction. She knew she needed to change for the better. She grabbed paper and wrote her Judge, asking for treatment as she had never been to any type of rehab prior. After 6 months of relentless writing the Judge granted me an OR bond with strict stipulations. Her mom came and picked her up (she had finally gotten clean by this time) and took me to a rehab. She kicked out for discussing her stillborn daughters with the other people there (they said she was being negative). She was dropped off at the Tulsa homeless shelter and her family was never contacted.

She wandered for a while until she was finally able to contact someone she knew who had moved to the area. She came and picked me up and she immediately fell into the underworld of manufacturing once again. She spent two weeks running the streets of Tulsa doing criminal activity. Finally, she broke down mentally and spiritually and spent the next couple weeks on her friends couch. At this time she began praying again searching for a way out of the life style she was living.

She heard about Narconon Arrowhead from a friend and within two days she showed up on their front door. She walked in the door unannounced to anyone and after discovering the cost of the program was very much afraid she would not be able to stay. The staff there could see how determined she was to change and assisted her with applying to do “work exchange”, where she would work in the kitchen for half a day and attend courses for the rest of the day. She began going through the motions of restoring her life.

Narconon Arrowhead Serves the Needs

She spent 4 months in the program and began to notice remarkable changes. The medical team there discovered that she had a thyroid condition which required me to be placed on prescription medication. They took all the necessary requirements to get her the medications and distributed it to her daily.

By the end of her program, she no longer felt hopeless. She felt like even though she had been to prison, it did not have to define who she was any longer. Since she completed the program in January of 2011 she has restored relations with her family and children. She has maintained steady employment and has taken a personal interest in helping combat the drug problem in Oklahoma. Drug addiction was a lifestyle for her for many years and thanks to Narconon Arrowhead she can proudly say she is no longer a drug addict.

“I would recommend Narconon Arrowhead for anyone needing help with addiction.” – K.

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