Skeptical Patient Reports That Narconon Saves Lives

drug addict3She was skeptical, as many people with substance abuse problems are. They hear the stories about rehabilitation programs. That there is not an absolute 100 percent success rate. That some relapse, return to drugs, and the cycle starts all over again. Dena was no exception. When her mother approached her in a Tulsa County Jail as she awaited sentencing and presented the Narconon option, she thought, “Why do I want to go? It isn’t going to work.” She had been to over 10 rehab facilities. She was a living testimony to the failures of rehabs. Why would this one be any different?

12 years ago, “D.” decided to give Narconon a chance. Her life would never be the same.

D. was deep enough into drugs to need one on one help. The staff at Narconon were equipped to provide her with her needs. They worked with her individually, encouraging her to give it everything she had and she would overcome the addiction. Dena responded in kind. Along with the antibodies she took through the sauna program, she was able to take her medications and detoxify the toxins from her body. Now, a graduate of the program, she is pursuing life to the fullest.

She went back to school and became a counselor. Now, she is happily married. Narconon saved her life.

“That’s what life is all about; it’s about giving back to the people I love the most and others too.”

If you have loved one who is struggling with an addiction, you are not going to find a better program than Narconon Arrowhead. According to D., “anywhere in the whole wide world.”

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