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A Resounding Yes Is Answer to Effectiveness of Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

success“R. is a valued friend. She wasn’t always my friend and we weren’t even very friendly. We were forced into a connection for one reason only: my first grandchild, S.,” says a woman named Janice who found herself with an immediate family member through R. who she met in 1990 when R. was dating her son, J. Janice was unimpressed as most of J.’s friends drugged or drank too much and horrified when she learned that R. was pregnant, and that she and J. were marrying. Through the many suggestions Janice gave R., she was adamant about keeping her baby. Admittedly, R. was a caring parent and initially made every effort to maintain the baby’s care. But her marriage was dissipating; her friend and husband were involved in drugs and alcohol. R. eventually joined them. It didn’t help her already serious health issues due to past drug use. She ended up in the hospital, and that’s when she elected to attend the Narconon Arrowhead Program for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation. Continue reading