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Former Graduate Speaks Out About Experience at Narconon Arrowhead

narconon grad speaks outNarconon Arrowhead has posted a video online in which Amber, a young woman who completed treatment at the center, shares her experience in the program. She says that when she first arrived at the Arrowhead center, she felt “sad, depressed, alone and very angry.” This is common for people who are just starting out on the process of rehab treatment. After all, they have typically recently experienced some type of life event that brought them to rock bottom, something that was bad enough to give them the motivation to finally quit using drugs and to put their normal lives on hold while they go to rehab for several weeks or months. In some cases, people who show up to rehab are feeling optimistic about the fact that they are now going to make positive changes and hopefully turn their lives around for good, but many people are in the position that Amber found herself in, feeling, upset and depressed about how bad things have gotten in their lives. Continue reading