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Narconon Arrowhead Gives Brother Back

brotherMy brother is a recovered drug addict. I was born when my brother was eleven years old, so I didn’t really know all about his childhood. I honestly don’t remember him till I was about four years old. We went to Disney World and I remember when he would walk with my older sister and I, to go see Alvin and The Chipmunks and more…

I can tell by the pictures from when we were younger that my brother loved me very much and I can just see that my brother did really care about me.

I guess by the time he was 14, I didn’t really see him that often and I didn’t have that loving older brother any more. I remember when my mom would have him baby sit me and he would not pay any attention to me. The most attention I got from him was being chased with fireballs and being threatened by him holding me over the stair rail. Now older brothers might do that to their little sisters but not constantly. I also remember him taking me to the woods where we would meet his friends so they could smoke pot and get screwed up. I guess in my head I could tell that it was wrong and I should tell my mom, but I just never did. Continue reading