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How I Overcame The Guilt From Drug Use

guiltThe following is a review from a graduate of our Narconon Arrowhead program named Liberty. Though her addiction started at a young age, with the help and support of her family and her own hard work she overcame the problem and has fought a difficult battle and won. Here is her story:

Over 18 months ago the reflection in the mirror staring back at me was life-less, the once bright eyes were dull and swimming in a pool of darkness. And the shame and guilt I had from years of drug use, I kept hidden under a mask of anger and at times rage. I was beat down and did not care about myself any longer. I would wake up each morning saying to myself this is going to be the last day I use drugs and every night I would lay down praying I had the strength to sustain the demon that I knew would be scratching to do its bidding once it had risen from the darkness once again. Addiction is powerful, it controls you, manipulates you and drives you to do things that in your right state of mind you know is immoral and unethical. But that’s the demon as an addict you fight daily. Continue reading