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Two Patients Speak Out On Narconon Arrowhead

personWithdrawing from and detoxifying one’s body from drug chemicals are vital parts of any rehabilitation program, but doing so does not effectively and fully rehabilitate the individual for a healthy, productive future.  The fact that the individual became a substance abuser indicates quite clearly that they were not armed with the necessary tools to address and resolve life problems.  It follows, then, that full rehabilitation must include life skills courses that allow the individual to spot and handle the difficulties that may arise in their future. Continue reading

Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Discusses How He Fell Into The Trap of Addiction

addictionThere is often no one more surprised about the power of drug addiction than the individual who finds himself struggling against it.  Many individuals have grown up with at least some basic education on the harmful effects of drugs, and while some may find that the information is somewhat lacking and therefore raises curiosity, others truly understand the menacing undertones and determine never to try drugs.  Because drug addiction can be a slow, sliding process, these same individuals can have their life spiraling completely out of control while they continue to firmly insist that they are fine and not addicted to the drugs that they feel they cannot live without. Continue reading

Review from One Client Says Narconon Arrowhead Breaks Addiction Cycle

reviewsssK. is a graduate of the Narconon program with a wonderful success story. She was born to parents who both suffered from drug addiction. Growing up, she watched her mother go in and out of treatment facilities only to relapse and continue her downward spiral. She watched her father go in and out of the penal system for the majority of her teenage years, only to return to society and continue doing the same. You would think that watching her parents destroy their lives would be enough for her to avoid following their example. This was not the case. Continue reading