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Narconon Arrowhead Reunites Family After Helping a Brother Overcome Addiction

familyDrug addiction can adversely affect many aspects of an individual’s life.  It can affect their health and physical appearance, their physical and emotional senses, their ability to perform work and personal duties and much more.  One of the most damaging effects of drug addiction is the separation it can cause in a family.  The addict often feels guilt and shame because of their addiction, and withdraws from family and friends.  Family members find the addict to be untrustworthy and completely unlike the individual they once knew, which can be highly upsetting and distressing.  Family members who are uneducated in or unaware of the full causes and effects of drug addiction may not understand why the addict is unable to see the full extent of damaging effects their drug use has caused, or why they won’t simply quit using drugs and regain their healthy life.  Some family members hold out hope for some time that they can help the addict, but eventually may push the addict away from them when drug use continues. Continue reading