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Narconon Arrowhead Patient Shares Win on Being on Rehab Program

personI am happy to be here in this present time. My life is so much better now and I am glad that I am not living in the past anymore.

My win son far today is my experience here. So far everything has gone according to plan. Everyone has been respectful and professional in dealing with me.  It is nice to see everyone Continue reading

Ex Patient Thanks Narconon Arrowhead

girlThere are currently various schools of thought on what addiction is, what causes it and how to treat it.  One such line of thinking proposes that addiction is a disease, stemming from a genetic or biochemical predisposition.  It embraces the theory that addiction is an inherited disease.   Another philosophy proposes that addiction is a “dual problem” made-up of both a physical and mental dependence on chemicals and compounded by an already existing mental issue.  Yet another proposes that a person’s chemical dependency causes lasting chemical imbalances in the brain, requiring “psychotropic medications” (drugs which act on the mind).  But the question still remains, what is addiction, really? Continue reading

Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Discusses Depression and Addiction

man discussingDrug abuse and addiction can sometimes seem to creep up on an individual, beginning with the simple choice to use drugs and often growing into a habit that runs the individual’s every thought and action.  Many substance abusers are at a loss to explain how or why it happened to them, and very few of them understand or see the full damages that are caused by their drug use.  This condition of ignorance can be very confusing to an observer, because the dramatic physical, emotional and mental changes in a substance abuser are as glaringly obvious to them as the midday sun. Continue reading

Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Talks About Heroin Recovery

happy womanOne of the most important actions a former drug user can take is to tell his story to others. Without communication between former drug users and the people that might use drugs in the future, far too many people can fall prey to completely avoidable drug use. Drug addicts harm their communities in many ways, so it is important that they look for ways to give back once they are sober again. Narconon Arrowhead supports addicts that want to find ways to contribute, and most addicts decide that they want to do this as well. Continue reading

Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Says Program is Best Available

Narconon Arrowhead rehabThe word “rehabilitation” means the condition wherein an individual has been restored to the ability to live a healthy, productive life.  Any drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility should have this exact goal in mind when designing and delivering their program to various patients.  It is true that there are many different facilities that have varying degrees of success in rehabilitating individuals for healthy, productive lives, and different elements of successful programs can be combined to increase an individual’s chance of success.  However, few programs contain all of the elements that routinely result in patient success time and time again. Continue reading