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Former Narconon Arrowhead Patient Talks About Heroin Recovery

happy womanOne of the most important actions a former drug user can take is to tell his story to others. Without communication between former drug users and the people that might use drugs in the future, far too many people can fall prey to completely avoidable drug use. Drug addicts harm their communities in many ways, so it is important that they look for ways to give back once they are sober again. Narconon Arrowhead supports addicts that want to find ways to contribute, and most addicts decide that they want to do this as well. Continue reading

Former Crack Cocaine Addict Talks About Recovery Through Narconon Arrowhead

crackIt is no secret that substance abuse can destroy an individual’s life, health and relationships with others.  One may consider that if they were to find the important things in their life draining away because of some action they were undertaking, it is obvious that the solution is to stop that action immediately.  Such choices are, after all, an individual’s right and part of the way that an individual can determine their own path and happiness in life.  Determining to end one’s relationship with drugs, however, is rarely so easy or simple. Continue reading