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Ex Patient Thanks Narconon Arrowhead

girlThere are currently various schools of thought on what addiction is, what causes it and how to treat it.  One such line of thinking proposes that addiction is a disease, stemming from a genetic or biochemical predisposition.  It embraces the theory that addiction is an inherited disease.   Another philosophy proposes that addiction is a “dual problem” made-up of both a physical and mental dependence on chemicals and compounded by an already existing mental issue.  Yet another proposes that a person’s chemical dependency causes lasting chemical imbalances in the brain, requiring “psychotropic medications” (drugs which act on the mind).  But the question still remains, what is addiction, really? Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 21

manMy gain is my new threshold, tolerance and acceptance of pain.  Pain is strong moderating factor in more than just physical performance. For I have no more physical pain due to the nerve assists and the calcium magnesium that I have been getting. In addition to bettering pushing my body to its limits or past them, therefore I am eliminating pain and discomfort. My feet no longer hurt because they are not week anymore. My mental and emotional pain has ceased to exist due to forgiveness, of self and others, and respect. There is no more sorrow in my life. I walk down my path, head held high and chest bowed. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Review From A Daughter

review from daughterThis is the story of one daughter, told in her own words of how Narconon Arrowhead saved her mom’s life.  It is a look into the life of a child who had a drug addicted parent, as well as a look into the harsh reality of what addiction does to the lives of both the addict and their loved ones.  It is, at the same time, a story of redemption through true rehabilitation and the restoration of a life worth living.  Even in the darkest moments of life the light of hope still burns, if only briefly and short-lived.  For an addict, as time wears on and the damage from drug abuse done to self and others accumulates, and the lifestyle of the addict continues to degrade and demean the person, it usually takes the strength and determination of a loved one to do for the addict what he or she cannot do for themselves—get help.  Continue reading