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I Feel I Can Take On Anything After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

girlWhile plenty of arguments can be made about the damaging effects of drugs, one of the most despicable things about drugs is how their use can rob an individual of his will to live.  It’s even more disheartening when one considers that many of these drugs were initially taken because they were promoted as “helpful”.  An unsuspecting individual who is encountering some difficulty in life may be desperate for some form of help or relief, and is offered a drug as a solution.  Even health professionals often offer a prescription drug to solve a physical, mental or emotional problem, leading the individual to believe that there is no other better solution. Continue reading

Former Patient Describes Life Before Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

personDespite the fact that millions of individuals in the United States suffer from substance abuse, many of these individuals feel alone in their struggles with addiction.  They don’t often feel that others understand how drugs make them feel completed enslaved, and this assumption isn’t far from the truth.  Few individuals understand the full power of a drug addiction unless they have experienced it.  The dream that anything can be done to turn their life around and that they can achieve and maintain sobriety can seem distant and unreachable.  For those who have graduated from the Narconon Arrowhead treatment program, however, this dream can become a reality. Continue reading

I Got Everything Back After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

guyImagine the fear, confusion, horror and helplessness you would feel in trying to run for your life while your legs are trapped in quicksand.  No matter how much energy you exert to try and get free, it only seems to exhaust you further and make you more certain that nothing can be done to save you.  This is exactly what it can feel like for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse. Continue reading

After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment Client is Living the Life She Wanted

narconon arrowhead client

narconon arrowhead

A drug addict who is caught up in the lifestyle of drug abuse may feel that they are living the high life – surrounded by friends, good times and money.  However, these “friends” are often individuals that would turn their back on you in a second if it allowed them access to more drugs, and the “good times” are the false highs of drug chemicals, often followed by agonizing lows.  As for the money – it disappears into a bottomless chasm as more and more drugs are purchased.  Any individual living in the downward spiral of drug addiction discovers that their world is quickly caving in on them, and only if they are very lucky in finding effective rehabilitation treatment can they escape. Continue reading

After Narconon Arrowhead Treatment I Didn’t Go Back to Drinking

happy manThe individual who is addicted to alcohol or drugs may find their life spinning entirely out of control and can feel entirely helpless to do anything to change it.  The simple fact is that while drug or alcohol use was initially a choice, over time it can become something that the individual feels he cannot survive without.  Despite the destruction of their health, their relationships and indeed their life, the individual can yet find it difficult or even impossible to overcome the demon of addiction.  It is at this point that they need help and support from others. Continue reading

After Prison Former Addict Saved By Narconon Arrowhead

prisonSome individuals recognize the effects and problems of drug abuse when it begins to damage their life and they immediately seek help.  Others find that it is only after they have hit the lowest point imaginable that they can finally step up and admit that they have a problem with drugs and that they need help.  Either way, the individual who aggressively seeks to address and resolve their problems with drugs and alcohol is one step closer to sobriety, and with persistence and commitment they can achieve the drug-free, healthy, productive life they have been missing. Continue reading

A Resounding Yes Is Answer to Effectiveness of Narconon Arrowhead Treatment

success“R. is a valued friend. She wasn’t always my friend and we weren’t even very friendly. We were forced into a connection for one reason only: my first grandchild, S.,” says a woman named Janice who found herself with an immediate family member through R. who she met in 1990 when R. was dating her son, J. Janice was unimpressed as most of J.’s friends drugged or drank too much and horrified when she learned that R. was pregnant, and that she and J. were marrying. Through the many suggestions Janice gave R., she was adamant about keeping her baby. Admittedly, R. was a caring parent and initially made every effort to maintain the baby’s care. But her marriage was dissipating; her friend and husband were involved in drugs and alcohol. R. eventually joined them. It didn’t help her already serious health issues due to past drug use. She ended up in the hospital, and that’s when she elected to attend the Narconon Arrowhead Program for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation. Continue reading