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Narconon Arrowhead Week In Review 20

lady smilingHere is a Week in Review 20 for our facility:

I Let Things Slip

Upon writing up my transgressions, I have realized that it is very constructive to reveal the unethical things I have done. It has become obvious that my communication slowly but surely slips with the things and people I with-hold these acts from. I have felt great relief in getting this out on paper and then for others to see. This has made me more aware to the point of where I think about the negative consequences before I commit an overt. At the least it helps me to not with-hold. This allows me to get over it and learn from it as fast as possible and not slip back into that way of life. The main win I have received by doing this other than relief is a feeling of a clean slate. I feel like I do know I am not perfect but I also know that I can handle anything properly. I feel great about this work. Thank you!!! Continue reading