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Narconon Patient Talks About His Days On Objective Exercises

person contemplatingIt can be difficult to have a conversation with a drug addict, as their focus and attention seems to be only on the past and the drugs they have abused or are abusing.  Drug addicts can be dangerous to have in situations that require close attention and the ability to swiftly react, since they seem to be perpetually out of touch with the world around them.  Unfortunately, stopping drug use and even cleansing one’s body of residual drug toxins does not automatically restore the individual to an ability to be aware of their present environment and act within it.  Continue reading

Mom Speaks Out About How She Got Her Son Back After Narconon Arrowhead

sonWhen a mother holds her baby for the very first time, she is overwhelmed with joy and love for this amazing human being she has helped bring into the world.  She feels certain she would do anything for her child, going to any lengths needed to protect and shelter her child.  She dreams of the wonderful human being her child will grow to be – smart, successful and intelligent.  In that moment, it is difficult or even impossible for a mother to imagine that her child may one day struggle just to survive and lose all the qualities that define their unique personality. Continue reading

Skeptical Patient Reports That Narconon Saves Lives

drug addict3She was skeptical, as many people with substance abuse problems are. They hear the stories about rehabilitation programs. That there is not an absolute 100 percent success rate. That some relapse, return to drugs, and the cycle starts all over again. Dena was no exception. When her mother approached her in a Tulsa County Jail as she awaited sentencing and presented the Narconon option, she thought, “Why do I want to go? It isn’t going to work.” She had been to over 10 rehab facilities. She was a living testimony to the failures of rehabs. Why would this one be any different? Continue reading

The Basis of Narconon Arrowhead Results

Narconon Arrowhead resultsThe lifeblood of any drug rehabilitation treatment program is its workability.  Does it change lives for the better?  Does it enable the person who sought help through treatment to overcome their addiction, and once again live drug-free?  Perhaps skeptics might question whether it is truly possible to restore a damaged life to livability, wherein there is once again hope and purpose and happiness.  But the human desire to be free, to overcome the entrapment of addiction and to prevail against any and all odds will always override the musings of the skeptics. The bottom-line is the results, the success that is achieved by the actions and efforts of the rehabilitation center and its program. Continue reading