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Former Narconon Patient Talks About Family Dynamic in Substance Abuse

familyThe family dynamic is the inter-relationship between and among individual family members.  It is also regarded as the forces at work within a family that result in particular behaviors or symptoms.  When addressing substance abuse, it is never just the addict alone who is affected; family members tend to be the people who are most impacted by the addict and the consequences of the addiction lifestyle.  This is one such story. Continue reading

Narconon Arrowhead Week in Review 37

coupleBelow are reviews from Narconon Arrowhead patients:

I Feel Better

I feel so much better now that I have written up my transgressions. I feel that I am more able to influence my dynamics and that I will be able to communicate with the ones I withheld things from. I feel smarter now that I know what dynamics are and how misdeeds or with-holds can affect all my dynamics of my life. I can see how I really Continue reading

Narconon Patient Talks About His Days On Objective Exercises

person contemplatingIt can be difficult to have a conversation with a drug addict, as their focus and attention seems to be only on the past and the drugs they have abused or are abusing.  Drug addicts can be dangerous to have in situations that require close attention and the ability to swiftly react, since they seem to be perpetually out of touch with the world around them.  Unfortunately, stopping drug use and even cleansing one’s body of residual drug toxins does not automatically restore the individual to an ability to be aware of their present environment and act within it.  Continue reading