The Basis of Narconon Arrowhead Results

Narconon Arrowhead resultsThe lifeblood of any drug rehabilitation treatment program is its workability.  Does it change lives for the better?  Does it enable the person who sought help through treatment to overcome their addiction, and once again live drug-free?  Perhaps skeptics might question whether it is truly possible to restore a damaged life to livability, wherein there is once again hope and purpose and happiness.  But the human desire to be free, to overcome the entrapment of addiction and to prevail against any and all odds will always override the musings of the skeptics. The bottom-line is the results, the success that is achieved by the actions and efforts of the rehabilitation center and its program.

Narconon Works On The Basis of Results

Narconon Arrowhead delivers a proven and effective drug rehabilitation program that results in lasting recovery and sobriety. The program can help an addict gain control of his or her life, setting the person’s feet firmly on the road to maintaining their sobriety and living a drug-free life worth living.

Those working at Narconon Arrowhead and delivering its drug rehabilitation treatment program do not subscribe to the theory that addiction is an incurable disease from which an addict can never recover. On the contrary, it is expected that the addict will indeed recover.

A vital part of the Narconon Arrowhead program is the Life Skills Courses, a series of six courses which give the student on the rehab program invaluable tools he or she can use to attain sobriety, maintain sobriety, and use to live a fulfilling and productive life.   In way of example, in the study of the Ups and Downs in Life Course, the student learns how to recognize characteristics of people who will support his or her sober lifestyle.  Both by studying and in the practical application of the data on the Communication and Perception Course, the person learns how to communicate effectively and well, and receives help that brightens his perceptions of others and the world around him.

According to an article published August 7th of this year, the Narconon Arrowhead Reviews Of Patient Testimonies, one student who completed the program said she can now look at something in life and know whether she is right or wrong about it, due to the technology she learned at Narconon Arrowhead on the Life Skills Courses. She added that it takes the stress off of living and it enables her to live a happier life now because she has what it takes to make the right decisions.

Also from the same article, another individual who experienced the rewards and benefits of studying and completing the Life Skills Courses expressed the results they achieved, of having the power to make decisions, to do the right thing, and not needing to be a slave to desires or to their past. And yet another person expressed the results they achieved from the Narconon Arrowhead program, that they now have no limits, and can do whatever they set their mind to.

Measuring the Results

Narconon Arrowhead excels at delivering a results-based rehabilitation treatment program, and has implemented an outcome-based means of accurately assessing those successful results.

For more than six years, Narconon Arrowhead has done more than a general follow-up with their graduates, and has implemented a standardized follow-up procedure with the graduates of their rehabilitation program.  It is called Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM).  The survey instrument used, and its standardized Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) procedure, were developed by outside research scientists, and are based on the recommended Center for Substance Abuse and GPRA (Government Performance Results Act of 1993) survey form.

According to Gary Smith, Executive Director of Narconon Arrowhead, the outcome monitoring system accomplishes more than tracking outcomes, and includes the creation of a specific discharge plan and a strong aftercare program.  According to Smith, his staff are in regular contact with graduates of the program, finding out how each is doing at implementing his or her individual plan.  In this way, the Routine Outcome Monitoring serves as a tool to ensure that Narconon Arrowhead’s client needs are being met, and it has been seen to make a beneficial difference.  

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