The Narconon Arrowhead Program Saved My Son

sonLinda has no doubt that the Narconon program saved her son’s life.  At thirty-two years old, Linda’s son had already struggled with drug addiction for over ten years and had suffered personality changes that affected his entirely family.  Like many other substance abusers, he wanted desperately to stop on his own but he simply could not make it work.  He needed help, and quickly.

Linda’s son enrolled in a thirty-day, twelve-step rehabilitation program in an effort to resolve his substance abuse problems.  Following program completion, Linda and her husband allowed him to move back home so that he could take time to get back on his feet.  He began working at an oilfield, and while things seemed to be going well it wasn’t six months before Linda and her husband began to notice his personality was changing once again.

Not only had Linda’s son returned to drug use, he had begun to use methamphetamine.  Linda and her husband were horrified as they were confronted by the fact that the kind, spiritual, humorous, loving son they had raised was not the same person on drugs.  He was entirely out of touch with reality and could not be reasoned with.  His parents had no choice but to ask him to leave their home, and he lost his job shortly thereafter.

Linda spent many nights crying and praying over her son’s problems with substance abuse, unwilling to openly acknowledge or reveal their “family secret” in fear of how it may affect her job and her husband’s business.  She began to avoid her normal social activities with friends, simply commuting between work and home and waiting for the terrible phone call she was sure would come.

Finally, Linda realized that she had to do something for her son, regardless of what people found out or thought about his substance abuse problems.  He was not only addicted to methamphetamine, but he had begun to deal it to others.  Drug charges had never been filed, but Linda called the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics in the hopes that he could be arrested and taken off the streets.  No arrest was made.  Linda met with her local Judge and asked where she could send her son for long-term, successful rehabilitation.  He had no suggestions.

Desperate for Solutions to Substance Abuse

Desperate for solutions, Linda began searching the internet for the rehabilitation treatment that could save her son’s life.  She found Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, and called the facility.  An intake counselor explained the Narconon program in detail, and answered every question Linda had.  While Linda knew she had found the solution to her son’s problems with substance abuse, he was unwilling to participate in treatment.  The Narconon counselor worked intensively with Linda over a five-week period, helping her earn her son’s trust and willingness to enroll in Narconon.  Linda feels there is no other way her son would have arrived at the facility, except through the help of this counselor.

As Linda’s son began the withdrawal and detoxification portions of his program, he clarified for his mother that he did not want to be at Narconon and was only remaining there for her sake.  With careful support and coaching from a Narconon family counselor, Linda firmly told him to stay and make the program work.  Her son also received the support and encouragement he needed to make it through the most difficult portions of the program from the well-trained facility staff.

Several months into her son’s Narconon program, Linda could tell that he was being restored to his “old self”.  He admitted that while originally he had only come to Narconon for her sake, he was now working hard on his rehabilitation program for his own sake.  After many years of forsaking his religion he had once again opened his heart and began to pray for help, not only for his own recovery, but for his roommate’s recovery as well.

As Linda’s son learned the valuable life skills that would enable him to lead a happy, prosperous, drug-free life, he came to realize that he could not return to his home town and the patterns and routines that awaited him there.  He also realized that many of his “friends” were dangerous personalities that could drive him back into drug use, and so he broke relations with these individuals.  He decided that he wanted to work for Narconon, helping others also conquer their problems with substance abuse.

Linda’s son now works hard to teach others the valuable life skills that he himself uses every day.  He is grateful to his mother for her support, and frequently thanks her for saving his life.  Linda herself is very thankful that the Narconon program is there, and that it works to resolve the difficulties of substance abuse and arm the individual for a happy, healthy future.  She feels that her son’s full recovery is nothing short of a miracle, and she will never forget what Narconon did for her family.

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